All decorations are sugarpaste, thanks to Lorraine for the tutorial on the snowman & tree. Customer requested chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, but had to have Frosty. What can I say?


JaneK Says... 7 years ago

You are a great student...the tree and snowman are gorgeous!!! I love the all chocolate cakes and you made it look just like wintery Christmas with that topper!!! Looks great! :)

superstar Says... 7 years ago

Thank you Lorraine, I had a lot of fun making the little snowman & tree, I could hear your sweet scottish voice in my head all the time I was working.

pastrygirl33 Says... 7 years ago

It's xmas Of course!!! Great job this is flawless I'm sure your customer loved it. I do.

superstar Says... 7 years ago

Thank you pastrygirl & Jane.

aine2 Says... 7 years ago

I've missed rather a lot on CC over Christmas it would seem...this is fabulous June. This looks amazing on chocolate cake. :wink:

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