babybundt Says... 8 years ago

absolutely adorable!!! i am always looking for new ideas for the holidays. :) :)

JenWhitlock Says... 8 years ago

adorable as always!!!

fiddlesticks Says... 8 years ago

love them ! very cute ! :P

msscaredcat Says... 7 years ago

We met you over Thanksgiving - my daughter is high school student at a bakery, she made these last week and her boss loved them! got an order for 12 doz! You rock!

Lisa93063 Says... 8 years ago

Great cupcakes!!! What did you use for the elf? Egg pan and buttercream? Into my favorites

satin Says... 8 years ago

Egg pan and buttercream! I love the holidays! Thanks for checking my stuff out!

terrier Says... 8 years ago

Very cute! love it!

sweetjan Says... 8 years ago

Too, too cute! Good job!

cupcakes Says... 8 years ago

Love these, what a great holiday idea!

GeminiRJ Says... 8 years ago

Love the prezels as antlers! I've made similar reindeer using small candy canes as the antlers...but the pretzels won't dissolve like the cndy. Great idea.

Cathee Says... 8 years ago

ooh wouldn't they be cute with chocolate dipped pretzels for the antlers, maybe add some jimmies before the chocolate dried! Straight to Favs!

ShayShay Says... 7 years ago

These cupcakes are so cute!

mariecar6 Says... 7 years ago

Really, really cute! :P

paintinggrams Says... 7 years ago

Very Cute!!!!

CarolAnn Says... 8 years ago

These are adorable! Got to save for the holidays. Good project to do with the grand daughters.Thanks for sharing!!

use2bethiel Says... 8 years ago

Love em great job!!

ladefly Says... 8 years ago

you continue to amaze me... i love them! I do reindeer cookies like that with pretzels too!!!

nana01 Says... 7 years ago

How precious. I hope to make some reindeer for my Sunday school class next year.

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