DiannaSue Says... 8 years ago

WOW a very pretty cake, love how you made the cake look like bricks, you did a fantastic job on your transfers. A fantastic job all the way around.

ceshell Says... 8 years ago

Your transfers are gorgeous! Love the colors and all the detailed lines. WOW!

Tomoore Says... 8 years ago

Oh my gosh! You should be so proud!

zenu Says... 8 years ago

I love it! Soooo cool- I also love Egyptian things!

Suzy40 Says... 8 years ago

That is just beautiful , really , great job

SweetResults Says... 8 years ago

So unique and amazing - great job on your transfers!

Daisys_Cakes Says... 8 years ago

WOW!!!! 8O That is soooooo cool! :D I love the stone look!

Teekakes Says... 8 years ago

VERY impressive in every aspect! Hard to believe this is only your 10th cake! I love it!!

Bijoudelanuit Says... 8 years ago

wow :) very bold and detailed! excellent!

CristinaB Says... 7 years ago

I love this! Nice Job! The RI transfers are soooo neat looking! The brick look of the cake it a great addition!

noosie Says... 7 years ago

That is cool 8O . Great work on the transfers and the brick imprint on the cake.

toodlesjupiter Says... 7 years ago

Thank you all so much for the kind words! Means a lot coming from all of you.

imartsy Says... 7 years ago

wow awesome!

kakeladi Says... 7 years ago

Great attention to detail.

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