2nd Pix Carnival Princess

Another cake donated to grade school for carnival “cake-walk”. 2nd pix of Carnival Princess; 4-layer torted heart shaped strawberry cake w/strwb non-dairy mousse filling, white vanilla BC. Sprinkled top of cake a bit with pink crystals. Crown, jewels were toys placed on top of cake. (Missing from photo are 3 white swans and hot-pink hot-wheels car that were on cake board held in place w/RI.) Little 5 yr/o girl won this. She was absolutely in awe! (This cake had me feeling like Martha Stewart, since I’d used my coveted home-grown frozen strawberries for the mousse.)


Sunspotalli Says... 8 years ago

great work, and sounds yummy

ronniefay Says... 7 years ago

I love this cake! :roll: I like how you decorated the sides of the cake.

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