I HATE this cake..This is exactly what the lady ordered so this is what she got lol....


womanzano Says... 8 years ago

My son would love it...even if you hate it, you did a great job on it!

aussienyankie Says... 8 years ago

thanks it was just such a pain, The towers are ice cream cones stuck together so it was such a pain to ice and smooth, this is the way she wanted it done, I just wish it was fondant it would have been so much easier....

marcimang Says... 8 years ago

so much fun and looks yummy- every kids dream cake

Cake4ever Says... 8 years ago

I know this wasn't a thrilling cake for you to make, but you did exactly what the customer wanted and it turned out fab! :D

Nitu Says... 8 years ago


Nitu Says... 8 years ago

Well done!

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