Polka Dots & Flowers

This is a 10' white almond cake w/buttercream and 6' strawberry lemondae cake with lemon cream cheese icing. First time making baby shoes and it was a breeze thanks to Granny's3angels template and help. I made my won template to create the coordinating dress t hat the shoes were begging to have - isn't that how it works? - find the perfect shoes and then find the outfit to match!!! Thanks also to sweet-as-tisse.


LiliS Says... 8 years ago

WOW 8O it's just sooooo beautiful, You have done an amazing job!!!

texasseegirl Says... 8 years ago

Sorry for the spelling errors - I can't see the whole message screen when up loading to proof read! :P

grannys3angels Says... 8 years ago

:party: It is BEAUTIFUL!! you did a stunning job on the cake, dress and shoes, the trim around the sole turned out great! I love it! ;-D God Bless Sharon

sweet_as_tisse Says... 8 years ago

just gorgeous!!!!!! the shoes, the little dress, everything is just perfect...

Charmaine49 Says... 8 years ago

Just too cute for words... must go into my favorites too!!

texasseegirl Says... 8 years ago

Thanks everyone for the very kind comments! :)

Meg72 Says... 8 years ago

beautiful! The dress really makes it!

cerobs Says... 8 years ago

do you have the recipe for white almond cake

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