What Size Of Flower Was Used Here?

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mrsmac888 Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 4:26pm
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Ladies and Gents,

Could you look at the above cake and give me your opinion?  The second from the bottom tier...are those gumpaste roses?  I'm guessing the larger one in the set of three is about 1" across?  I've been all over the internet and I can only find pre made flowers about 1.5" or bigger.  I think that would be too big.  And there is no way I could make them that small, I'm just not that talented, nor do I have time.  Thoughts???  Some great place on the internet that sell premade small flowers?

Thank you!!


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BakerBlackCat Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 5:05pm
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My (insanely inexpert) guess would be either molds or royal icing roses.  I've gotten some royal icing roses here: Wholesale Sugar Flowers, and I've been happy with them.  I get the smaller (usually "small" & "petite") white roses and color them with petal dusts, instead of ordering the colored ones, because the colors in the photo did not match the ones on the actual flowers!  Otherwise I'd be looking at Global Sugar Art for rose molds... 

mrsmac888 Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 5:18pm
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Thank you.  I've ordered from Wholesale before, and couldn't remember the name!  I'll check with them.


BakerBlackCat Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 5:20pm
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You're welcome!  Gorgeous cake - can't wait to see your version!!! :)

Creativeconfectioner Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 6:10pm
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These are some gumpaste mold options as well with the leaves as was shown.....


Here is a garland of 3 roses very similar to what was shown...


Alot of options here...


mrsmac888 Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 8:04pm
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Creativeconfectioner!  Silicone mold!  What a great idea.  I have not gone that route before, do you just press in the gumpaste, let it dry and pop it out?  Is it possible it's that simple?

Thank you!!!!!


costumeczar Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 8:19pm
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I'd guess that those are royal icing, but you can find rose molds that size. I think that the petals on those are a little too deep to be from a mold, but it's hard to see clearly so I could be wrong about that.

MBalaska Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 9:13pm
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900_what-size-of-flower-was-u_92298557081edf2b124.jpgyeah, too small to see clearly. As the gals said: could be molds, could be royal icing piped, could be buttercream frozen in a mold.

@mrsmac888 ‍ there are so many silicone molds now for roses, in all sizes.  I just recently purchased a few and (of course) with my Love of homemade modeling chocolate I tried it out for some cupcakes.

-K8memphis Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 9:34pm
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depends on the size of your tier too -- at 1" to 1.5" sizes all you would have to do is be sure your tier was nice and tall -- a good 4" minimum then just place the 1.5" flower just lower than the  ones  on the either side -- no worries

-K8memphis Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 9:38pm
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i mean if you're doing a small tier yes those sizes will be a problem but just depends on the size cake you are baking needs to be at least probably 9" would work on a 10" -- but i haven't especially measured because i would have piped those and adjust the sizes as needed -- look at the cake pans and pipe/rock on

kakeladi Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 10:23pm
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The roses in the pictured cake are definitely NOT from a mold.  The petals are too sharp.  I would go w/royal icing ones.  Personally I don't like the look of most of those molded ones.

And yes, OP, one just pushed some gp into a mold,nice, deep and firmly;   don't wait for it to dry, pop it out right away, then let them dry.

mrsmac888 Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 10:37pm
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I'm so glad I asked you for advice.  I was convinced it was "too silly".

Costumeczar-I too think they are royal icing, but I stink at making tiny flowers by hand, especially roses.

MemphisK8- I'm attempting the cake as pictured.  6", 8", 10", 12", 14".  My cakes are always at least 4" tall.  So, I'm thinking the middle flower cant' be bigger than 1.5" 

Kakeladi- I definitely don't think they are molded, but in a pinch I may have to go that way.  

I've not tried making royal icing roses, so I'll have to give that a try and see how it goes.  I can definitely pipe a rose better than making one by hand from gum paste.  I know, practice and more practice.

MBalaska - I love those flowers!  Where did you get your molds?

Thank you again!  You are all so helpful!

MBalaska Posted 8 Apr 2016 , 11:35pm
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@mrsmac888 ‍ I think that all of those were from the Blue Goat Studios on Etsy.  I just don't have good enough eyes to see your photo clearly, sorry.  However,  I'm positive that my rose molds  would look better  with your fondant if you choose to go that way.   I'm into flavor,  food for fun, and party treats, not business.  So when someone says they don't like my Mad Baker scientist experiments and ask "Who are you going to please with that?"

I answer.........."Me baby, ME"  hahahahhahahha

-K8memphis Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 1:43am
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that cake has at least a 3" difference from tier to tier fwiw

mrsmac888 Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 2:05pm
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K8memphis, What do you mean?  You don't think the tiers are the same height?  Do you think they are taller than 4"?

MBalaska, The photo is hard to really analyze, I agree.  I wish I had the ability to super size a picture and still be able to see it clearly!  FYI, I'm doing the cake in buttercream.  I don't usually do fondant.  


monmel Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 3:55pm
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-K8memphis Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 4:01pm
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i mean they are more like 4x7x10x13x16 -- 3" difference from tier to tier

than they are 6x8x10x12x14 -- 2" difference from tier to tier

the silhouette is different than just 2" difference (around) between tiers 

look & see how big the ledges look to you -- at least an inch & half do you think

monmel Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 4:33pm
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I think they are buttercream with the Russian tip

mrsmac888 Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 4:42pm
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K8memphis, Ah, yes.  I see what you mean.  Unfortunately, I don't have 2" difference pans.  Only even sized pans.  Hopefully it won't make that big of a difference.  

monmel, Russian tip???  Please expand on this idea.  What's a Russian tip?  Oh the new things I learn!!!!!  


-K8memphis Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 10:48pm
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if it was important you could trim any cake just a half inch all the way around and you're there --

-K8memphis Posted 9 Apr 2016 , 10:50pm
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some people get nervous without that outside crust on the cake -- so just a thought

mrsmac888 Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 3:25pm
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UGH!!!!  After all the help I've gotten from you ladies on the flowers for this cake, I just got an email from the bride.  She wants me to do baby blue silk roses on the cake, instead of what is pictured.  WHAT?

What do you do when the customer wants what you (the decorator) don't think will look right????  Do you just keep your mouth shut and do it?



-K8memphis Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 4:08pm
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i have no problem expressing my professional opinions at consults but it depends -- in the beginning of my career when i sometimes babysat pebbles for fred & wilma (flintstone) i would have done that cake w/silk no problem-o because in my mind it would not look bad -- it still would look good if you got those real tiny roses -- that would be very pretty 

but today i would not want to put silk flowers on a buttercream cake for sanitary reasons

mrsmac888 Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 5:12pm
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I would say the sanitary reasons is my biggest hangup.  I'm thinking I could make a small, thin medallion of gumpaste or fondant and put it between the cake and the silk flowers.  That would at least make me feel better.  

Second hangup, I personally don't like silk flowers on a cake UNLESS that is the only decorations.  Like a spray across the top of a simple cake or flowers flowing down the side.  But a buttercream decorated cake with silk flowers on it, I don't know,  I just do see it.

Anyway, I guess I'll do it and hope for the best!!!!  :-)\

Thank you K8-you are always such a great help and sounding board!!!!



-K8memphis Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 7:22pm
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when a decorator sees a cake with flowers they want to enjoy the craftsmanship involved -- and as decorators we want to scratch that itch -- but almost everyone else doesn't see it that way at all -- they just see a pretty cake and that's ok 'cause that's  just the way we are -- i like the shield you are proposing -- 

(((hugs))) right back atcha

-K8memphis Posted 11 Apr 2016 , 7:25pm
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in the meantime set up a station with icing bag, scissors, rose tube & nail and practice roses every day for 10-12 minutes -- 


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