Have Any Of You Done This Before?

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sweetneice Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 6:12pm
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Hey all!! Have any of you ever worked at a grocery store bakery and still have your own cake business? I was just offered a position at a store around the corner from my home part time. I will be starting the culinary arts program (baking and pastry is my major) in a week and can only do part time. I've been in the business since 2003 and definitely love cake and pastry, so they had sign up that they needed 3 part time decorators and I applied, interviewed, and got a call that they want me to come in and do a cake test and hire me immediately after. What in the world is a cake test? Anyhow,  just wanted to know if any of you have done both.  I'm guessing it will at least improve my speed! Lol

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-K8memphis Posted 9 Jan 2016 , 7:10pm
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yes i have and it means working two jobs at the same time -- because most everybody wants to celebrate on the weekend -- really really mind blowing health busting difficult --

a cake test is anything from icing and/or decorating a regular cake to icing a chocolate cake with stiff white icing (try to keep the crumbs off the finished product) to doing a sculpture on the spot without a heads up nor a picture nor instruction as to what the client expects -- hahahaha --

hope you get the easy one facepunch.png

-K8memphis Posted 10 Jan 2016 , 12:00pm
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and please post about your experience would love to know how it goes with tons of all the best to you

sweetneice Posted 13 Jan 2016 , 1:00pm
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I sure will K8memphis!  Thanks so much!

kakeladi Posted 13 Jan 2016 , 10:57pm
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You need to be upfront w/whoever wants to hire you that you have your own decorating business.  Most places will not hire you unless you sign a contract that you will NOT work in the same business away from them.  It all depends on the owners of the store.

sweetneice Posted 15 Jan 2016 , 7:58am
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I got the job!!! Woo hoo!  I've taken a bit of a hiatus on the business side because I'm going to culinary school starting Monday with my major being baking and pastry of course.  LOL! Plus, We just moved to a new city on military orders not too long ago,and I'm still recovering from a car accident that a driver under the influence rear ended me on. I figure a part time position and FT school is more than enough right now. Super excited! 

-K8memphis Posted 15 Jan 2016 , 11:16am
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yay! so happy for you -- wow your school school sounds like a blast -- congratulations 

-K8memphis Posted 15 Jan 2016 , 11:52am
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i just have to add -- resist resist resist the idea of taking even one order -- it is pure misery to bake/decorate at home when you are already doing it at work -- so i was trying to just be quiet but seriously -- already prepare yourself to say NO 

and best to you with the new job and pastry school -- "oh the places you'll go"

sweetneice Posted 16 Jan 2016 , 3:06am
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Thank you K8memphis! My hands will be so full with all my full time courses, school, kids, and my husband who is also in school AND the military that I don't think I will have  a problem turning them down! LOL! I will still be working on some business things  at home but not doing any orders right now. More like preparing for the future.  I think it would stress me terribly to run the business. Thank you a bunch for all your encouragement and wisdom! Im still going to post pics of my work and continue to build up my portfolio.

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