Gumpaste Question =(

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dgonzalez227 Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 3:33pm
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so i left my gum paste in the fridge for 24 hours like that Nicolas recipe said and an extra day because i forgot. i took it out today to get to room temp, i tried through the plastic  baggy to pretend to mush some to see if i can use it later

 and i took some out some seemed good, but then i flatted it out to test for making roses later , it got super thin and sticky and ripped.. i thought gum paste was supposed to be thick and pliable

Is it supposed to be sticky one flattened/ rolled out ? =( 

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getonthemove Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 5:33pm
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I am by no means an expert on this, but did it fully reach room temp?  In my very limited experience with gum paste, it definitely has to be room temp to not be sticky and then you have to knead it well before rolling it out. I have always rolled gum paste to be thin so it is more realistic when making flower petals and leaves.  But like I said, I am no expert and have very limited experience.  Hopefully, someone with more experience will chime in soon.

amandagregoryyy Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 5:50pm
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Maybe it wasn't all the way set to room temp? Just like fondant, if you stick it in the fridge and take it out it starts to get that condensation on the surface of it from being so cold. Maybe this is what happened. I leave my gum paste in the container in my cupboard and it is fine. What brand are you using? I use satin ice.

costumeczar Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 5:50pm
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Sugar is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts moisture to itself. If it's sticky it could be because it was forming condensation as it warmed up, or it could just be that it wasn't dry enough to begin with. Just knead a little cornstarch into it until it's workable for you. You'll be able to incorporate a LOT more cornstarch into your gumpaste than you think...I use crisco once it's made and i store it out on the counter, but I don't use a version with egg whites, I think it's unnecessary.

dgonzalez227 Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 6:28pm
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do you know another version other then with  fresh eggwhites. i Used that Nicolas lodge recipe. 

 thank you all. maybe it was too soon out of the fridge

 i made my own :: god willing it will be good:" lol 

pretty much just dust my mat with cornstarch hand roll out?

 thank you all!! 

costumeczar Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 9:58pm
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When I was in culinary school we adapted the Nic lodge recipe that was in the original sugarwork book he wrote so that we could use tylose instead of the gums in the recipe since we couldn't get them easily. That recipe was 2 pounds powdered sugar, 2 Tbsp tylose mixed in a mixer bowl. Bloom 2 pkgs gelatin in 1/2 cup cold water, add 1 tbsp crisco and 2 tsp glycerine, then melt that over a double boiler. Add the liquid to the dry ingredients and mix well, then add some corn starch until it incorporates into a ball. You might have to take it out of the mixer before that and knead the corn starch in. Keep adding the corn starch until it isn't sticky and you can wrap it up in plastic wrap. Store it at room temp and knead some crisco into it when you're ready to use it. 

That recipe works pretty well, I use it for some things. I still think it's a little too brittle for my liking so I made up my own recipe that's my secret formula ;)

But the one here will work fine and it doesn't need to be refrigerated.

costumeczar Posted 6 Nov 2015 , 9:59pm
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And the answer to "how much corn starch do you use" is "as much as you need."  :)

dgonzalez227 Posted 7 Nov 2015 , 2:54am
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Thank you everyone 

 I took a small piece out of the bag rolled it between my fingers and flattened it before using my ball tool and foam pad to curl the edges

 and the gumpaste stuck to my fingers 

julia1812 Posted 7 Nov 2015 , 4:35am
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"And the answer to "how much corn starch do you use" is "as much as you need."  :)"

So true! Tons :D 

sweettooth101 Posted 13 Nov 2015 , 1:09am
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I always use Nicholas gumpaste recipe,there have been times when I have used too much conf. sugar and has ended up hard and too little have left it soft. Cornstarch dries the gumpaste.

Before using your g/paste knead it, a ball at a time not all of it, only what you need.Grease your fingers with crisco to stop from sticking, and use cornstarch when rolling.

Jeff_Arnett Posted 13 Nov 2015 , 12:51pm
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Google Linda McClure's gumpaste recipe...or better yet, search for the video of her making it on YouTube.  It's an adaptation of the legendary Rosemary Watson's recipe, but made with Tylose rather than Gum Tragacanth as Rosemary did.  It's my go to paste!

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