Friday Night Cake Club For 8/7/15

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catlharper Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 2:44am
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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone is welcome to share their week, photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can! ALL levels are welcome!


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catlharper Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 2:48am
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Hi everyone!

Hope your week was a really good one. Mine was a rollercoaster of high/low/high/low, etc. Our son, our baby, started high school this week. Fortunately he really likes it...the kid who has never liked that's a relief. We spent our "last day of summer" Tuesday on a beach which was wonderful. We even got RAIN last night...a much wanted/needed thing in California. BUT there were some family issues this week and yesterday I broke my toe. Yup...OWWWWW! So now I'm hobbling around trying to get things done. I'd SO planned on making a Back to School cake but that didn't happen. Hopefully everything will smooth out from here! 

I'm excited to see whatever you have all come up with this week...I'm ready to be dazzled!


Marian64 Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 2:59am
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My week hasn't been that bad compared to yours. Hope the toe heals quickly. The next four years will fly by for your son. 

I am currently procrastinating. Making a cake for my daughter in law's graduations. I will post pictures when it is done.

catlharper Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 3:10am
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@Marian64  I totally know where you are coming from!  The only cake I have to make this month is for my granddaughters birthday on the 22nd which is also our Housewarming party...thus why I kept putting off the Back to School cake. SIGH.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for the graduation!

SimplyCakesNMore Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 4:41am
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Hi!  I've never joined in on one of these that I can recall, but I've always wanted to.  My week has been full of doctor appointments, shopping, cleaning, and LOADS of research.  I went on a huge "get rid of everything" kick while I was preggo with my second baby and got rid of EVERYTHING I owned so I'm trying to gather up some non-maternity clothes.  My boyfriend ran over his foot with a pallet of bottled water at work on Monday and we wound up in the ER with him thinking he'd broken his toe (coinkydink @catlharper  ?).  And the research has been for wedding cake consultations.  I have one scheduled for tomorrow and I'm super nervous about it!  That's also why I've been scrubbing my house like crazy.  And of course the bride waited until 8 tonight to tell me what flavors of cake she wanted to sample so I have to run to the store and get my supplies and come back and bake.  Or I could go first thing in the morning...  I mean... it's almost midnight and our appointment is at 11 in the morning, so.... 

DixieDooly Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 5:05am
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It has been an emotional roller coaster here.  Our only child, a beautiful girl started her senior year of high school this week.  She has come so far that she will be through by December for what they call early graduation.  I am still trying to catch up with the fact that she is a senior let alone early graduation!!!  We are older parents given the fertility troubles we had and that is why she is our only child.  I never thought I could be so proud of her yet still want to hold on to her.  I guess she will forever be my baby!  Just thinking of the day when she will leave us is almost unbearable, but I would never want to hold her back.  She has such a promising future but I still wish I could keep her close and never let go!

Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 7:40am
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@catlharper  Oh no!  Hope your toe heals quickly. 

This week we celebrated my husband"s birthday which is also our Anniversary. I call it the Birthaversary.   I had this great idea if we got married on his birthday he would never forget our anniversary.  That didn't work out so well... He always forgets our anniversary because it's HIS birthday and we always celebrate our anniversary on a separate day.  Oh well!  He builds and repairs model airplanes as a business to support his hobby.  So this is the cake I made to honor that.  Since it was just for our family I didn't even bother to put it on a cake board.

Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 8:26am
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Does the picture loading not work?

DixieDooly Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 10:15am
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Birthaversary???  Lol, that is a good one!  I hope all of the broken toes heal up real soon!   Looking forward to seeing everyone's cake pictures as well.  I don't do cakes as a business, just a hobby, but with my temperament it is probably a good thing I don't have to deal with brides!!! Just dealing with our customers in our electrical business is enough for me, mostly  over the phone since we don't have an office or storefront open to the public.  

Some sad news I heard from my daughter last of the local cake shops is shutting down after a pretty successful run.  The owner's  son goes to school with my daughter and he told her his mom had a stroke and would not be able to run the shop any longer.  Supposedly she will be trying to work from home doing just a few cakes here and there.  I hate it for them because they are in a great location and business seemed to be going great for them.  I also hate it because I have had my husband get my last few birthday cakes from her and they were delicious!  Just sad having to give up what you love like that..........

Mybearsbaby Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 11:56am
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Hey yall! This is my first time writng in on of the Friday Night Cake Clubs. :) This week's has been super busy. I, for the first time ever, directed our church's vacation bible school. I never knew how much work went into one of those! Last night was the final night, and we have graduation Sunday. It was my son's first time to really experience vbs. He is two. He loved all the music and crafts. <3 

i should have known better, but I booked a cake the same week as vbs...never again, lol! I will be finishing it up over the next few hours. It will be zebra print bottom tier, pink and black polka dot top tier, and pearl shimmer airbrushed. I can't wait to see pictures of what Yall are working on! Have a great weekend, everyone! 

SweetShop5 Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 12:07pm
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it was sort of a busy week for me.

I made 84 cupcakes for a 60th wedding anniversary:


Then some sprinkled cupcakes and sugar cookies for a 1st birthday:



Still got one more order to complete for later tonight - A sesame street cake. I'm quite excited since I've never done that theme before :)

@catlharper  Sorry to hear about your toe! Hopefully it heals fast, sounds painful! Shocked to hear school starts so early over there :O I never knew. I only start the second week of September.

DixieDooly Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 12:12pm
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SweetShop5, great job on the cupcakes and cookies!

cara1982 Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 12:25pm
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Ahh I hope the toe heals soon!

just the one cake this week, but piping is not my strong point... Nor topsy turvy cakes thinking about it!!!


Mybearsbaby Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 12:36pm
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I think it looks great, Cara1982! Good job! 

DixieDooly Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 12:42pm
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I second that cara1982, looks great!

Marian64 Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 1:25pm
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As always SweetShop5 great job. Cara1982 I agree with the others it looks great. Looking forward to seeing more caked.

I finally finished mine up around 1 in the morning. When I started the only thing I knew I wanted to do was the tiger with the cap. So I spent a lot of of time looking at a blank cake. 



I had trouble with getting the tassel to stay on. I also forgot to save some white fondant for a diploma.

catlharper Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 2:54pm
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Good morning everyone! And WELCOME everyone new!!! How exciting to have new people join the group!

@SimplyCakesNMore  Meeting with a Bride can be nerve wracking. Especially when they wait so long to tell you what they want! Learn from this experience and put them (your future brides) on a schedule so they have a few days deadline before the meeting to tell you what flavors they would like to try. My issue, in the beginning, was not scheduling payment well and it would be the day of the wedding and I was waiting for someone to pay me! UGH. I learned, finally, to have final payment due 1 month before the event. No problems since. I hope your meeting goes beautifully! Wedding cakes are stressful but I think those are the ones I am the most proud of!

AND OWWWW for your boyfriend! So it's not broken? I was stupid and kicked a shoe...nothing so dramatic. Thank goodness I'm at a section of my life when I can wear flip flops and not have to wear real shoes!

@DixieDooly  Our son is also after years of trying. Our daughters are 16/17 years older than him. So it IS hard seeing him reach these points but also very cool to watch him start to move (at times) out of the petulant teen attitude that's been so bad the past two years. You will be happy to know that you don't have to "lose" your daughter. I'm still best friends with both of mine. Don't get me wrong...I'm definitely still "Mom" and was even a rather firm one when they were under 18...but, as I did with my own Mom, we managed to keep the friendship part and move it into their grown up years. So sad to hear of the cake shop closing. We don't have enough of those as it is. 

@Pastrybaglady  I did the anniversary thing badly too...I put it on the 7th of November and hubby's birthday is the 17th of November...he always think's our anniversary is 7 days before his birthday not 10 so he messes it up each year! And I thought "10 days...that will be easy for him to remember but not too close to become part of his day..." yeah....RIGHT! Happy Anniversary!! How many years? We are coming up to 28 ourselves. 

@Mybearsbaby  Glad to hear vbs went so well but yes, it is very hard to put a major cake into the middle of a family week! I've had to do it before and it sucks. Can't wait to see the cake tho'..sound wonderful!

@SweetShop5  LOVE the daisy cupcakes and display!!! That's SOOO cute! Sounds like a whirlwind week tho! Oh,and when I was a kid I wouldn't start school till the week after Labor Day (about the 3rd of September) but budgets here changed and now teachers have to do all of their "service" days during a school day so they have "Teacher In Service" days off as well as "Minimal Days" which means they have to start earlier in the year to end up with the same amount of days going to school. His last school started mid August and went to the end of the first week in June. This one starts the first week of August and goes to almost the end of May. Same timing just shifted.

@cara1982  Oh my gosh...I love love love LOVE your cake! I adore the numbers and the whole look! Just SO beautiful!

@Marian64  That is the cutest Grad cake I've ever seen! Your tiger is simply adorable! My girls school colors were blue and gold and even tho it was a bear mascot they still had paw prints for part of their school decor so this really reminds me of their school years! I'm getting all sentimental! You did a simply wonderful job with this!

Well, the grandson is arriving any moment so I'm off for the day! Have a great weekend everyone!


SimplyCakesNMore Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 9:23pm
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@catlharper  Thank you!  It did go well.  I wound up getting everything done right on time and even had time to nurse my baby one last time before she arrived.  She brought her 6 month old son with her and it was a lot of fun watching our babies play together while we discussed her cake(s).  We're going to do a 3-tier square coral ombre cake (Something new for me!) with textured buttercream and a TN VOLS groom's cake.  I'm super excited and can't wait to get to practicing...and I've got three extra 6-inch rounds to do it with...  She made the comment of how stressed she was with planning her wedding and nothing about it has been fun so far until she came to see me.  It made my day!  And no, his toe isn't broken, thankfully!  His shoe protected him.  Was the shoe you kicked steel toed or something?!  OUCH!!!

@SweetShop5 Your work is adorable!  Is that fondant on your cookies?

@cara1982 I think it looks great!

@Marian64  I love your topper!  Such great work!  Is your cake all buttercream except the topper?

SweetShop5 Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 10:07pm
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@catlharper  thank you! I don't usually get to do displays since most customers pick up their orders so this was very fun for me :) It's crazy how things are so different. I'm currently in college and I start the second week of September and finish the last week of April. 

@SimplyCakesNMore  @Marian64  @DixieDooly   Thank you for the kind words!

Finished my last cake for the week!


SimplyCakesNMore Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 10:48pm
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@SweetShop5      LOVE!!!!

Pastrybaglady Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 11:17pm
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@SweetShop5  Super clean work just as I've come to expect from you!  I love it, it takes me back to when my first was little.  She had a love affair with Elmo that lasted for years :)   Of course Cookie Monster is my favorite!  

Webake2gether Posted 8 Aug 2015 , 11:26pm
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I'm a little late to Friday night cake party lol. I'm exhausted and actually just woke up from a nap. We spent all week having appointments, inspections, and having tons of phone calls. But we are putting in a commercial grade kitchen in our home so it's worth all the busyness. We did a cake I didn't even take a picture. We were up until 2 am working finishing it and woke up at 5:30 to drive to a stainless steel outlet over an hour away to buy our 3 compartment sink, 2 stainless steel tables and a hand sink with faucet included. We got all that for $367 after tax!!!!! Oh the cake I did for a friend loved it and said it was amazing. It was a cake that about did me in. The cake supple store sold me the wrong boards and we didn't know it until we put the half sheet cake on them. It made it 10x harder but we got it done. I'm definitely not a spring chicken anymore haha!!!

looks like everyone had some good work this week :) sorry to hear about your toe @catlharper  

DixieDooly Posted 9 Aug 2015 , 12:15am
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SweetShop5, what an adorable Sesame Street cake!

Webake2gether, I know you are exhausted but I am glad to hear of your progress.  And what a great deal you got on the sinks and tables!!!  I know it is a great deal since I have been pricing them myself for my kitchen addition.  Where did you find them for such a great price, if you don't mid me asking?

SimplyCakesNMore, I am so glad your meeting with the bride turned out so well.  Also glad your husband's toe is not broken!

Marian64, the graduation cake looks great, even without the diploma.  I can't wait to do my daughter's graduation cake.  Well, I can wait if you know what I mean? 

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Marian64 Posted 9 Aug 2015 , 1:05am
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@SimplySweetNMore yes it is all buttercream except the blue is fondant that the tiger is sitting on. On a side note I am sitting at the graduation ceremony when I realize the mascot isn't a tiger, but a bearkat. I also left the cake at my son's apartment and went to pick it up to take it to the restaurant. Their dog apparently jumped on a stool knocked off a box of donuts, walked across the stove and enjoyed some cake. 

I stopped in a store for some frosting sliced off the eaten part and frosted it. The dog will be in trouble when they get home.

@DixieDooly yes I know what you mean.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Pastrybaglady Posted 9 Aug 2015 , 6:56am
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Okay, one more try...

Mybearsbaby Posted 10 Aug 2015 , 5:53pm
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So, I was gonna upload a picture and post it here of my pink and zebra cake...but a I can't figure out how to. Can anyone help? I am on an  iPad.

Mybearsbaby Posted 10 Aug 2015 , 5:55pm
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Mybearsbaby Posted 10 Aug 2015 , 5:55pm
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Never mind...I got it, somehow...not sure how I did it though lol! 

catlharper Posted 10 Aug 2015 , 5:58pm
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@Mybearsbaby  Totally adorable! I thought zebra was going to be a pain but it was actually fun! After my first one I jumped at at a chance to do a tiger cake since it's so similar. Big effect that looks great! Love the bling accent too!


Mybearsbaby Posted 10 Aug 2015 , 6:05pm
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@catlharper Thank you so much! I like zebra print too. :) I use The Mat to do mine usually. I haven't done tiger print, but I bet that is awesome too! 

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