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Heath Posted 13 Mar 2015 , 9:43pm
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We became aware that support tickets over the last 36 hours or so were not reaching us.  The problem may have intermittently happened in previous days as well.

We just completed upgrading to a super robust customer support platform to hopefully eliminate that problem.

We have responded to every support request that we actually received so if you have not had a reply from us it is safe to assume at this point that we did not get it.  The new system is connected to our Help link in the navigation so please do contact us again if you still need help.

In addition to updating our customer support system we are addressing the following things today:

1. Updated the search box to be more visible.

2. Corrected the "last updated" information on the conversations list

3. Fixing the link in notifications to take you to the post you are being notified about instead of the start of the thread.

4. Resolving account access issues that some users are having.

There are a lot more "todos" on the list, those are just the ones we expect to resolve today.  Each day we will post a notification of anything that gets updated that day.

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-K8memphis Posted 13 Mar 2015 , 10:07pm
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Quote by @Heath on 21 minutes ago

2. Corrected the "last updated" information on the conversations list

whoa #2 is already showing signs of success -- i think my last post went to the top -- if this one goes up

-K8memphis Posted 13 Mar 2015 , 10:08pm
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bwuwahahahaha -- it's ba-ack! too cool 

-K8memphis Posted 13 Mar 2015 , 10:08pm
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bwuwahahahaha -- it's ba-ack! too cool 

Natka81 Posted 13 Mar 2015 , 10:42pm
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It would be better if "sign in" button would be under username and password buttons and new account would be across. 

gscout73 Posted 14 Mar 2015 , 12:00am
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Thank you, Heath. It is nice to know you are working so hard. This is a great site, and I am sure things will work out.

kakeladi Posted 14 Mar 2015 , 11:48pm
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Not sure if this is the right place to post the suggestion nor how to word it exactly but here goes:

Can we have back the feature that when one clicks on a new reply in a post it goes to that reply.  Right now it goes to the original post then you have to scroll down to the reply most recently posted.    When there are nearly 100 replies that makes it almost impossible to go to the newest reply ;(

imagenthatnj Posted 15 Mar 2015 , 12:59am
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Is there a way to subscribe to a thread? Sometimes a subject is interesting but I have nothing to add to the discussion. 

julia1812 Posted 15 Mar 2015 , 9:23am
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4!!!! pages of spam! Seriously? I hope you don't expect us to open every single one of them to report as spam???

I made the suggestion before, but here I go again:

Why can't you build in an automatic bocker for all post containing a multi digit number (f.e. phone number)? Don't know why it would be needed by a "serious" poster to use more than 3-4 digits in the title. Or even don't allow didgits at all in the title. Think people would appreciate a spam free forum more than the few seconds it takes to write "help - cake to feed one thousand people" instead of "help - cake to feed 1000 people". Don't you think?

Lizzybug78 Posted 15 Mar 2015 , 10:12am
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There's no captcha for joining, that's why the spam is so prevalent. That should be added to the to do list, really as a matter of urgency.  

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