Freezing And Pronunciation Questions

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emetz74 Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:25am
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My friend surprised me last night for my birthday by bringing over a German chocolate cake from our local bakery. They make the most delicious GC cakes; they have ganache around the sides and I think they are just heavenly! Anyhow, about 3/4 of it was left over last night and she refused to take any home for her or her kids. My husband and son will not eat it and I am off Monday for the three-day weekend. Can I freeze it? I wasn't sure with the icing and ganache if it would be OK.


My other question is kind of silly but how do you pronounce "ganache"? Is it "ga-NASH ", "ga-NOSH", or is it something entirely different? 

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mfeagan Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:43am
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It rhymes with posh.


You can freeze the cake. Just wrap it in a few layers of saran wrap and add a layer of foil. If you have any freezer bags or a plastic container you can put it in, do that as well. You may want to put the cake in the freezer to help the icing set up prior to wrapping it. That way it won't ruin it. When you want it again, you can unwrap it while frozen to keep the cake in tact. 

emetz74 Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:49am
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Thank you! I am so glad I can keep the cake. As for the pronunciation, I have been saying it that way but my friend kept saying ga-NASH so I was doubting myself! :) 

emetz74 Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:50am
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Should I freeze the cake for a while so it's solid before I wrap it?

mfeagan Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:52am
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HAHA!! You were right! :) 

I live in the hear all sorts of pronunciation for things here! Depends on what part of my area you're from - people say some weird stuff. I'm originally from NY and moved here in 1995. It was a tough adjustment! 



Mowk: Milk

Merk: (also) Milk

Kers: Cows

Tortillios: Tortillas

Cawan: Corn

ApplegumPam Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:55am
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With an Aussie accent it is ga-NASH  :P

mfeagan Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 11:59am
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Originally Posted by ApplegumPam 

With an Aussie accent it is ga-NASH  :P



Yes it is!! I forgot about that! I watched a video on YouTube and that's how she said it! 


@emetz74 - maybe your friend is really from Australia and you don't know it! 

rebecca67e Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 6:14pm
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here in the UK we pronounce it ga-NASH too :-)


well, I do, at least

costumeczar Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 10:15pm
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AIt's A French word, so it rhymes with posh, awash, backwash, mouthwash, goulash, eyewash, etc.

mightydragon663 Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 10:31pm
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I always cut leftover cake into serving size pieces before freezing, that way, when my husband wants a piece, we don't have to thaw out then entire remaining cake, just a piece. 

auzzi Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 10:45pm
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If you wish to pronounce it as a french word, the -ache in ganache is pronounced -ash as in moustache, soutache, panache, gouache .. 


Once anglicized, it depends on which English you speak ...

emetz74 Posted 9 Nov 2013 , 10:56pm
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Thanks for the replies! I do know one thing, it's delicious! :grin:

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