Done With Cakes, Thought I'd Check In One Last Time-

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Chef_Stef Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 7:57pm
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Hi All,

I haven't been here in months, having (yes) closed my beautiful dream bakery in December, so this will be just a note to say hi to all my friends here, and a HUGE heartfelt thanks for all your tips and advice and shared commiseration over the last 12 years! 


I loved all my years of baking and decorating, but I'm done.  Over it.  Moved on.  The website is closed, the phone is off, the equipment has been sold.  I don't care if I never see another cake or crumbcoat another tier, ever.  Nothing's wrong...I just, burned out.  It was great, and I got to work with the best vendors in the Inland Northwest, worked with tons of lovely customers (and some wackos), saw my cakes published in national blogs, CC magazine, and on Gordon Ramsey's Hotel Hell TV show, got invited to be on Cupcake Wars back in the day, and won plenty of Best Of titles around here, so that's all cool, but it was time to take my life back.


It's a long story that I won't tell here, but if you really want to see some of where my life has gone since last year, you can follow my new blog for the whole story, beginning here:


P.S.--especially to indydeb and some others, you guys have been AWEsome, and to everyone else, keep up the great work--I always got so much inspiration from CC and will always direct people here when they need cake help! 


PPS- Sorry if I've missed PM's from anyone, but I never get on here any more.  If you need to reach me, I can be reached on Twitter at or through the blog at [email protected], but please don't ask for recipes or cake instructions... lol   (gahhh)


wamly, goodbye-



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Annabakescakes Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 8:14pm
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Oh wow! How does that happen, so I can avoid it??? Cake has been my life for 25 years, and I am still dreaming about it, lol.


I have "copied" (poorly) some of your gorgeous cakes, favorite a bunch more, and regret not getting to see anymore fresh designs from you. Please have fun!!!

jason_kraft Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 8:28pm
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Original message sent by Annabakescakes

Oh wow! How does that happen, so I can avoid it???

One way to avoid it: delegate.

jason_kraft Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 8:32pm
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ABTW that vegetable garden is impressive. Our ~500sf potager is a lot of work, I can't imagine keeping up a garden ten times the size without help.

matthewkyrankelly Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 8:47pm
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I've always admired your work.  Good for you!  You only go through life once.  You might as well enjoy it!

Norasmom Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 8:52pm
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Have fun in your new adventures!  Your work was amazing.  I can understand burnout in the cake industry!  I'm just starting, but will never, ever own a bakery.  My intention is to take a lot of breaks in between cakes.

Norasmom Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 9:03pm
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And's hard to say goodbye to a BMW!!

kikiandkyle Posted 24 Jun 2013 , 9:15pm
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AI'm sure it was a really hard decision but it's clear you already know you won't regret it. Enjoy the garden!

smittyditty Posted 5 Jul 2013 , 11:23pm
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Thanks so much for sharing I read your blog and you crack me up about "facebook" hence the reason I don't even have one. I will for business but that is it.

Its ok for businesses to brag righticon_wink.gif

I'm so sorry that you got burnt out, but heck i'd love your garden too especially since mine is sad sad sad.

KellyMorgin Posted 6 Jul 2013 , 12:31am
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Glad to see your happy i adore your work! Question, did you ever have any interns/employee's? If so may i ask how many i want to start everything off right if possible.


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Chef_Stef Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 7:22pm
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It's been half the summer, and I thought I'd post an update, in case anyone's wondering wth? did she DIE? (no)


carry on-

kaylawaylalayla Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 8:11pm
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read your princess story! hilarious!

enga Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 8:59pm
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:(, but I understand. My knees, wrists and feet are on strike, threatening to sue if work conditions don't improve lol, you will be missed.

costumeczar Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 10:47pm
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Oh, I so feel you...Your list at the end of that post should be mandatory reading for everyone who says "Having a cake business would be so much fun!" I'm sharing this on twitter, and i'll be following you there too. :)

wespam Posted 19 Aug 2013 , 12:30pm
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Congratulations Chef Stef! Enjoy your family and retirement. I'm right behind you. I'm retiring this December myself. I've enjoyed most every moment and I'm sure I'll miss it somewhat but my priorities have changed too and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren. And I understand completely that employing a good staff is not as easy as it sounds and the best solution to burn out for everyone. Those of you who have family and friends that step in and help are very fortunate but for those of us who have everything on our shoulders it can certainly be a heavy burden. But that's another story for another time. I've been very successful over the years with my business and I'm hoping to pass on my customer base/vendor contacts along with my retail location to another who has plenty of passion and big dreams. For me it's time to be just grandma! 

Annabakescakes Posted 19 Aug 2013 , 12:41pm
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AEventually, I would love to 1 large cake a week, and be done. I get burned out when I have too many small cakes. Its no fun anymore, I'm like Ugh, gotta go do another cake!

JWinslow Posted 19 Aug 2013 , 3:07pm
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Read every word of the blog.   Although I've always admired your work, I'm so glad to hear you are happy!  Love the garden.

Chef_Stef Posted 19 Aug 2013 , 6:30pm
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Oh thanks so much, you guys!!!!!  You can't imagine how sweet it was to wake up and read all these notes today.  I must have hit a nerve with that post--it's had over 310 views already icon_eek.gif


costumeczar...I know, right?  I didn't even think that list of *Doing This*...instead of... *That*, would end up going so long, but when I started thinking of it as a comparison, it was ALL true (plus so many more)... 


You're right, that list *should* be required reading, lol.  Just a reality check, really.  Make sure you're willing to be doing...*this*...instead of...*that*.  -It's not all sugar and spice and everything nice... ;) Obviously, feel free to share any of that with newbies; if my experience can help anyone, I'm all for it. 


I love my life so much now; and it's just absolutely heartwarming to hear all your lovely support!!  I do plan to keep blogging and whatever, because it's fun, so feel free to follow there, and thanks for the shouts out on Twitter, too!


I can (almost) feel a cake for our family coming soon...I'm actually kind of craving cake lately.  It's been over 6 months since I even picked up a piping bag or greased a pan, and I haven't eaten a bite of cake in that time, so probably soon, maybe.


I will be adding all my prior recipes to my cookbook project, so I'm sure the craving for cake will increase accordingly.


Thanks again, you guys are awesome


Heading out to pick pickles and basil :D 

sometimes chef Stef


p.s.  I *am* still saving back up for another BMW  heh heh

Chef_Stef Posted 23 Oct 2013 , 4:12pm
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Oh my gosh you guys.  I'm still finding things from my cake days that make me go-- "What?!?"


I blame insomnia, but the other night I found a to-do list from May of 2012...Why did I actually think I could pull that off?!?


I haven't baked anything resembling a cake since February, but I DID do a wedding this summer for our neighbor's daughter, who I've known since she was 4.  She's had a long, hard year, with her mom being diagnosed with possible MS, grandfather diagnosed with Parkinson's in his 50s, unexpected pregnancy (and subsequently--wedding) in her 2nd year of nursing school, and then lost her dad (our neighbor) in a motorcycle accident over the 4th of July.  He missed his first grandson by 3 weeks, and her wedding by 2  months, so it was a bittersweet wedding for sure.


I was glad to do a cake for her, and it turned out great and was delish, but...yeah...I'm not into it any more at all and never sorry that I came home.  I think I'm baking for a cake walk for our school tomorrow, and they realllly want red velvet, but even that just seems like... eh...bleh.  I may do something else.


My family has never been happier, the garden did great, and I love my un-scheduled life again. Hope you're all doing great!




Chef_Stef Posted 23 Oct 2013 , 4:15pm
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I just realized I have 1,999 CC posts.  So this makes 2,000.  :D

costumeczar Posted 23 Oct 2013 , 5:06pm
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Originally Posted by Chef_Stef 

I just realized I have 1,999 CC posts.  So this makes 2,000.  :D


BrandisBaked Posted 23 Oct 2013 , 6:54pm
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AI'm ready to retire just as I'm about to realize my full dream. Getting everything you always wanted is scary. So glad you're happy!

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