Best oven for baking?

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lusciouslemon Posted 3 Feb 2013 , 11:45pm
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I really enjoy baking and hoping to start a cake decorating business from home. I'm re-vamping my Kitchen at the moment and choosing a new oven (important decision!) and need some advice.

Which is the best oven for baking cakes? I've only ever baked with an electric oven but is a gas better? And are there any particular features I should look for, can the right oven achieve better and more consistent baking results? I'm especially looking to create moist and well risen sponge and fruit cakes.

I would really appreciate any advice,


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IsaSW Posted 4 Feb 2013 , 4:27pm
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I believe electric is better, I've had both. I don't trust the gas one, even bought those thing to measure the temperature inside, and my oven was off like 50 degrees.

Convention is great, because it cuts down baking time. But, you will have to start taking notes. Lets say your recipe says, 40 mins. In the convection will only take 25.

I had a fancy one, with all the digital buttons in the front, the minute the digital screen started acting weird, displaying wrong numbers, I couldn't trust it anymore. So I bought one at IKEA, simple, just a regular, no convection oven, and It does its job. Its all about how much can you afford, but a $400 its more than enough, if you are only baking occasionally.

This one has a feature that if you bake non stop for a couple of days, it will go into sabath mode, it will quit working for two days, its resting, the manual said, after the 48 hours period, it was back like normal. It freaked me out at first, but its something too considered if you will be baking non stop.

DecoratedDreams Posted 4 Feb 2013 , 4:33pm
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I adore my kitchen aid double oven/slide in range. Top oven is smaller but fits all my cake pans just fine.  Bottom oven is large - fits my cake pans and is a convection.  True even baking!  LOVE LOVE LOVE! Worth every penny - It ended up costing me about $1,000 because I bought a kitchen package.

-K8memphis Posted 4 Feb 2013 , 5:26pm
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my ge profile gas home range/oven is the worst


i have a deluxe (commercial) cake oven in my home kitchen--i love it

DeliciousDesserts Posted 4 Feb 2013 , 8:12pm
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AHate my gas. Gas is great for cooking but awful for baking.

I like convection. The fan helps circulate heat for even baking. Not necessary, but a nice addition.

Cakepro Posted 4 Feb 2013 , 8:33pm
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In my old bakery, I had a commercial electric convection oven and hated it.  


When we were planning my new bakery, I wanted natural gas so badly that I had to pay to have the gas company extend the pipeline to reach us.  


It was well worth it.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my commercial natural gas convection oven, 6 burner range, water heater, and all of the same appliances at home too.


Natural gas FTW!! :D

precybridal Posted 8 Oct 2013 , 4:28pm
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Pls where did you buy your oven? Which is the best oven for non stop cake baking pls

precybridal Posted 8 Oct 2013 , 4:30pm
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Pls where did you buy the deluxe commercial oven? is it still very good? I need to buy one

leah_s Posted 8 Oct 2013 , 4:46pm
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I have both gas convection and electric convection.  I prefer gas convection for cake;  electric convection for cookies.

Stitches Posted 8 Oct 2013 , 7:48pm
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I'm having a hard time understanding why gas or electric would make any difference...............what the.............?



P.S. I'm not a newbie and have used many an oven.

DeliciousDesserts Posted 9 Oct 2013 , 2:41am
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AExactly what Liz said!

My gas oven would fluctuate up to 18 degrees.

vgcea Posted 9 Oct 2013 , 3:35pm
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AI've got my eye on the kitchenaid electric range, double oven with true convection in the bottom oven.

MimiFix Posted 9 Oct 2013 , 5:33pm
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I recently purchased a KitchenAid, gas convection. (vgcea, I would have gotten the double oven but my back is cranky so it was too low for me to be lifting heavy trays.) I love my new oven with three rack baking! I still have to rotate (Stitches is right, convection ovens are not perfect). Photo shows what happens to bottom tray without pan rotation. 



But the fan is quiet and the speed is gentle. I would guess that their electric model is similar.   

MimiFix Posted 10 Oct 2013 , 12:23pm
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Liz, I just googled it. Wow! Is it a home counter top oven only (holds up to 12"x12" pan?) or does it come larger?

Norasmom Posted 10 Oct 2013 , 12:50pm
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I have an electric Jenn Aire, not sure how old it is (probably 10+ years), but I like how it bakes.  The control panel is broken (can't see it) but it still bakes, so I will keep it and consider another Jenn-Aire, not because of quality (lousy control panel), but because it bakes so nicely.

AntBee Posted 8 Feb 2014 , 5:16am
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Thanks everyone for your excellent advice and input, however can anyone who bakes cakes for a living,  please tell us what is a good  commercial oven for baking cakes in it!


Will the Blodgett convection oven, half size be good for cakes?


I would like an oven that bakes  four or more (13X9X2) cakes inch pans.


Does anyone back that amount of cakes at one time?


Any advice/information will be deeply appreciated.



MimiFix Posted 8 Feb 2014 , 1:44pm
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AntBee, do you have a commercial space? Baking in a commercial convection oven has challenges. (It's not the same as a home convection oven since the commercial fan speeds are stronger.) If you have not used one before it would help you to find one for experimenting. But yes, the half-size Blodgett is nice if you are able to adapt your recipes and baking style. If you are baking from home, most home-sized ovens will bake four quarter sheet pans at once. Use two racks and rotate pans halfway through.  

RDLLC2014 Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 3:39pm
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Deluxe Ovens are the BEST baking ovens on the planet!


Call 1-800-274-5211 to get the best price-ANYWHERE!


Ask for Beau

besttoaster Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 12:08pm
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I have a suggestion for you.

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TaylorsMemaw Posted 28 Feb 2014 , 4:35pm
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Could you tell me what brand/size that works for a home kitchen.  Thank You

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