naiyyar Posted 12 Sep 2012 , 7:10am
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What do you do with the left over , extra frosting? also the extra colored ones inthe piping bags. is there any way we can know how much to prepare before hand. even if i store it in the fridge or freezer it develops a particular odor so ultimaltely i have to throw it.

Would like to know what does every one do with it or do you refrigerate/ freeze it without any problem.

Thanx a ton.

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sweettreat101 Posted 12 Sep 2012 , 7:19am
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Do you freeze yours in freezer containers or bags? I generally put mine in freezer bags and I have never had any problems with a smell. It's also best use a freezer that does not have a self defrost cycle. I have a chest freezer that I use for all of my baking.

vgcea Posted 12 Sep 2012 , 7:20am
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Before I started measuring I typically ended up trashing the excess (I use SMBC exclusively so unlike American BC, it does not last forever). Sometimes I'll use the BC to practice some piping.

I tend not to have too much excess these days. I measure how much BC a batch makes and record how many cupcakes/cakes it was enough for so that the next time I know how to scale up or down to get just enough. One batch of my BC (approximately 28oz) makes just enough to frost 2 dozen cupcakes.

naiyyar Posted 10 Oct 2012 , 2:41pm
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Thank you all for your useful suggestions and tips.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 10 Oct 2012 , 5:35pm
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For "The Cold Process Buttercream Recipe That's Been On the Back of the C&H Powdered Sugar Box Since Before Most of Us Were Born," I put together a chart for making smaller-than-full-box batches of the stuff. The math for scaling a recipe isn't exactly an exercise partial differential equations.

scp1127 Posted 11 Oct 2012 , 7:54am
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Are you putting down people who can't do simple division or are you assuming that the majority of CC members did not pass fourth grade math? What is your point?

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 11 Oct 2012 , 9:58am
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Originally Posted by scp1127

Are you putting down people who can't do simple division or are you assuming that the majority of CC members did not pass fourth grade math? What is your point?

In a word, no. Was Emeril trying to insult his audience when he pointed out that "it ain't rocket science"?

And I might add that for a while, I couldn't be bothered to scale the recipe myself, and therefore threw out a fair amount of frosting. And if I had a point, it was that anybody here is presumably able to do the same thing I did, and it's definitely worth the trouble. But to save those who haven't already done it the trouble (and the columns probably won't be pretty):

Sugar . . . . . . Butter . . . . . . . Vanilla . . . . . . . Milk (maximum)
16 oz . . . . . . 1 stick . . . . . . . 1 tsp . . . . . . . 2 fl oz
12 oz . . . . . . 3/4 stick . . . . . 3/4 tsp . . . . . . 3 tbsp
10 oz . . . . . . 5 tbsp . . . . . . . 5/8 tsp . . . . . 7 1/2 tsp
8 oz . . . . . . 1/2 stick . . . . . . 1/2 tsp . . . . . . 1 fl oz
4 oz . . . . . . 1/4 stick . . . . . . 1/4 tsp . . . . . . 1 tbsp
2 oz . . . . . . . 1 tbsp . . . . . . 1/8 tsp . . . . . . 1 1/2 tsp
1 oz . . . . . . 1 1/2 tsp . . . . . . 8 drops . . . . . . 3/4 tsp

denetteb Posted 11 Oct 2012 , 2:31pm
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If I am going to use in in a week or so, or want to nibble on it, I leave the icing in the fridge. If I don't plan on using it, or want it less tempting, I freeze it. I freeze it either in a rubbermaid-type container or a ziplock bag. I have read that some people gather the little bits of leftover colored frosting as a start when they want to make a black color. Or I will use the colors in my next project to help use them up. This chart tells you how much icing is needed for different sized cakes. If you measure your normal batch you will have an idea how much to increase or decrease the recipe. This chart is also in every Wilton yearbook which makes it easy to refer to. I don't have a problem with "freezer" taste in my normal fridge/freezer.

Kendall88 Posted 12 Oct 2012 , 4:30am
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I do the same as denetteb - leave it in the fridge if I will be using it that week or freeze it in ziplock bags....I must admit I still end up throwing a lot out as I then tend to forget I have BC already in bags in the to love the invention of cling wrap and freezer bags....lets us hoard that bit more before we end up throwing it out anyway icon_biggrin.gif

Thank you for your advice hbquikcomjames - whether we passed fourth grade maths or is always easier to see it there right in front of us than working it out, thank you for posting. thumbs_up.gif SCP I really don't know what the point of your comment was - and you wonder why so members on here finally snap and are rude to really do not bring out the best in people sometimes on here with your comments....I don't really think a comment like that benefits anyone thumbsdown.gif

DeniseNH Posted 12 Oct 2012 , 4:35am

I seem to remember something about a lady who use to put her leftover icings (colored) in saran and freeze then all she has to do it defrost, snip off one end of the saran, slip the color into her icing bag and use it.

imagenthatnj Posted 12 Oct 2012 , 10:06am

Icing bullets!

Or frosting plugs.

And thank you, hbquikcomjamesl. I've sent your little chart to a few friends.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 17 Oct 2012 , 9:08pm

Incidentally, half a box of powdered sugar produces enough, by The Recipe On The Box (and my chart), to barely cover a 13x9 served in-pan, with none whatsoever left over, and a rather thin layer at that.

I don't think I especially want to cut it that fine again.

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