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Nutmeg84 Posted 27 Feb 2012 , 3:57pm
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Hi! Its Nutmeg again! icon_smile.gif I have another question that just has me stumped!! Why doesnt My MMFondant lay perfectly on my cake the way I see it on the perfessional cakes??!! I am new to the business and need all the help I can get so I can perfect the cakes I make! I want my customers to get the best cake I can make them and it makes me want to throw my poor cake out the window when it doesnt come out the way I had in my head! lol icon_confused.gif Anyway, the the fondant always seems to have wrinkles at the bottom...cracks....bubbles....Does it have to do with my buttercream? Should I put more/less buttercream? What about a new recipe?? As you can see I need advice from those of you who have had experience and knows what to do!!! No one around where I live has ever worked with this types of cake making before...which is great for business but bad for advice LOL icon_rolleyes.gif Thank you again and God Bless to all who help!!!!....as you can see, I need it! hahaha

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Debbye27 Posted 27 Feb 2012 , 4:41pm
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Your fondant will only look as good as the cake underneath. That means if your buttercream or ganache isn't flawless, your cake won't be flawless. Have you ever tried using ganache as a crumb coat? It's easy to make, and easier to smooth, may be better for you if you are a beginner. What recipe are you using for your fondant? I make mine like this:
I sift about 6 c. powdered sugar, then I use one 16oz bag of mini marshmellows- put in a microwave safe bowl with 2-3 tbsp water. Cook 30 seconds, stir, cook 30 seconds more, stir. Then stir in about 3 c of the powdered sugar and either pour into kitchen aid with dough hook and add remaining powdered sugar until you have a doughy consistency....if you don't have the dough hook, you can put the remaining sugar either on tabletop or in a very large bowl and pour the marshmellow onto it and knead it in for about 10 min. When fondant is kneeded enough, it shouldn't be sticky, it should just break apart when you pull it, rather then stretch out (like melted mozzerella).

I also roll my fondant out on a vinyl mat - greased with shortening - rather then use powdered sugar or cornstarch. I find that this makes my fondant smoother, shinier, and it doesn't dry out or crack.

Do not get frusterated when your cake doesn't come out perfect. You are a beginner and it's hard! I am a beginner too, and at first I was frusterated and discouraged when I see all the very pretty and crisp edge professional cakes on here....but you have to practice, practice, practice icon_smile.gif I still haven't been able to create the perfect cake that is in my head, I get something kinda close to it, but not what I imagined- but each time I get better at it...keep reading here, you will learn so much! And congrat's on your business!

QuebecGirl Posted 27 Feb 2012 , 5:04pm
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Originally Posted by Nutmeg84

Why doesnt My MMFondant lay perfectly on my cake the way I see it on the perfessional cakes??!!

Debbye27 is correct, your fondant will only look as good as the cake underneat it.

I had the same question and found the answer watching Sharon Zambito's Flawless Fondant DVD. It is well worth the money, I highly recommend it. She gives examples of round, square, hexagon and petal shaped cakes. She shows how to properly fill a cake, avoid the buldge issue and gives tips on fixing all these little issues we encounter when using fondant.

This is one place where you can find it: http://www.sugaredproductions.com/product/Flawless-Fondant-DVD/

Debbye27 Posted 27 Feb 2012 , 5:41pm
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Yup, that is the video I purchased, too! That is where I got the mat and shortening idea - and I love it! But, my dvd never showed how to fill or fix things, it cut off after the covering part! I ordered from amazon- don't know what happened! I got my mat off amazon- NY cakes fondant mat in hot pink - I think it was $25.00.

However- she really breaks it down and I also recommend this video - she only uses commercial fondant though, and I disagree with her saying it is best...I use MMF and find it to work wonderful!

Nutmeg84 Posted 27 Feb 2012 , 6:15pm
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thank you so much for the advice! It puts a smile on my face to know that there are people out there who are going through the same things with cakes and who are interested in them too! Thank you and I will def try all your suggestions!!! God Bless!!! `Nutmeg

QuebecGirl Posted 27 Feb 2012 , 8:16pm
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The first cake I covered with fondant after watching the video was indeed flawless, as promised! it is in my gallery, the pink and green cake with a butterfly on it.

I got my DVD directly from her website. The description says it is 2 DVDs but mine has only 1, with all the content on it. Maybe you have an earlier version? It's a real shame that you are missing the filling technique and fixing extras. I too use my home made MMF and it works great for me.

As far as a mat, I got "The Mat" from SweetWise. I love it! The one thing I will have to get used to is that when you run your hand flat on your fondant to feel it, see if it is even etc, it becomes kind of hard to do with that top mat over the fondant, something I will have to work on.

No, you are not alone Nutmeg, glad we were able to put a smile on your face icon_biggrin.gif

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