Does Anyone Hate This As Much As Me?

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AnnieCahill Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 12:40pm
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I hate coloring icing or fondant. I just hate it. It's probably my least favorite part of cake decorating. I don't know why I hate it so much. Maybe it's seeing those little white streaks and knowing I have to keep breaking my elbow stirring. I don't know.

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kaat Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 12:50pm
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I hate it too. That's why I LOVE my airbrush!!

Panel7124 Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 1:01pm
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I love colors. Hate coloring. Tried to escape the worst by adding the color to the liquid part while making fondant to cover the cakes. It works well. Then I continue with the hating part while coloring small bits for decorating. icon_wink.gif

MCurry Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 1:06pm
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Lol! Agreed. It gets really hard when you have to match a color on an invitation or picture!

vicki3336 Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 1:06pm
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If it's a simple color, I don't mind coloring buttercream. But, when I need a specific, well-known color like UT Longhorn orange or A&M maroon, I really dread it.

And no matter the color, I always hate coloring fondant.

Maybe I need to check out an airbrush.

Vista Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 1:11pm
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I agree with Kaat! I use my airbrush whenever possible!!

AnnieCahill Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 2:36pm
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I forgot to mention, I don't want any decorators who own an airbrush to comment on this thread. The next thing I know all the Agbay people are going to come out and start sticking the knife in deeper. LOL. icon_razz.gif

Vista Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 2:43pm
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Lol, if it makes you feel any better I don't have an agbay!!

chelleb1974 Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 4:27pm
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Unless I'm just coloring a small amount (a cup or so), I use my Kitchen Aid to color my buttercream. I have the beater blade (not KA brand) and it's very quick and much easier on my arm muscles than mixing color by hand. Gotta save those arm muscles for coloring and rolling fondant, lol!


cakeyouverymuch Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 4:52pm
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I try to look on the bright side. . . .between kneading bread dough, kneading fondant mmf, kneading homemade gumpaste, coloring fondant, coloring gumpaste I'll always have nice tight arm muscles. The rest of me might be subject to change without notice, but my arms are toned from all the exercise. Now if there was only a technique that would tone my abdomen. lol

diane Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 5:07pm
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why are you doing it manually...why not use a mixer with one prong?? icon_confused.gif

cakeyouverymuch Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 5:34pm
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Originally Posted by diane

why are you doing it manually...why not use a mixer with one prong?? icon_confused.gif

Used to do that till my KA threw a gear. I still use it to mix the bread dough (still have to shape the loaves though), and to start mixing the mmf. I mix about half the PS into the melted marshmallows with the KA, but I always finish the mmf by hand, and I never use it to mix in the color any more.

jenmat Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 5:42pm
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ahh yes, coloring fondant.
One day I walked into the local cake store after coloring a HUGE batch of fire engine red fondant by hand. Upon seeing me, the first thing the owner says, "You know, we DO sell pre colored red fondant."

This is the reason I have an intern.... icon_smile.gif

Chefnme Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 5:57pm
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I love working w/fondant because it gives me a chance to work out any frustration and it really scares my husband into submission because he knows how it tones the arms. LOL With icing, I just throw it in the mixer or use a hand mixer. Of course, it is rough when you are trying to get that exact color. Ughhhhhhhhhh!

costumeczar Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 7:42pm
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I hate coloring icing with a passion.

linedancer Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 10:15pm
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Guess I am the odd man out here, I love to color fondant. Always liked to knead bread too! Of course, I am a hobby baker and do mostly cookies, so I don't have huge amounts to color, but for me it is very relaxing icon_lol.gif

cakelady2266 Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 10:50pm
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I don't mind coloring fondant but I hate coloring buttercream like a disease. I hate the streaks and if I beat it with the mixer I get air bubbles. Having to mix to exact colors makes me want to slap somebody.

LoveMeSomeCake615 Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 10:58pm
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By far my least favorite part of the job!!!

Cupcations Posted 20 Oct 2011 , 11:19pm
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I love coloring my icing maybe because im using a mixer for that, but hate coloring fondant (my poor hands :'()
And as a PP stated I HATE (with passion) matching a color with something like an invitation, picture..etc icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif

Elcee Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 1:09am
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Don't beat me with your mixers but I love coloring both icing and fondant. And I especially like color matching. The end result is so satisfying icon_smile.gif.

cakesnglass Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 1:21am
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When mixing buttercream colors I always start with about a cup of the buttercream and mix my color into this small batch abit darker than what I want for my end result then I add this base tint to my batch of buttercream and mix. If I want it darker I mix another batch and add. No streaks. icon_smile.gif

Sorelle Posted 21 Oct 2011 , 1:29am
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Originally Posted by kaat

I hate it too. That's why I LOVE my airbrush!!

Yep, only way to go!

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