So People Are So "helpful"...

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Annabakescakes Posted 13 May 2011 , 6:38am
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I went to 3 stores today looking for bubble tea straws to use as support in two smaller tiers. In the last one, a "party" store, the young girl walked me around several areas, trying to help and was as sweet as can be, but then passed me of to a cashier. I said I was looking for bubble tea straws and explained what they were, and they never heard of them, so I described what they looked like. I mentioned I was going to use them as support in a wedding cake, and the lady looked at me all horrified and said, "Ooooh, I don't think you should do that! You need to go talk to a cake bakery!"

Gee, thanks, Lady! I AM a cake baker, and I have this handled!

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mombabytiger Posted 13 May 2011 , 12:27pm
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Yeah. There's nothing more satisfying than superior snarkiness aimed at a minimum wage employee who is trying to help you.

Marianna46 Posted 13 May 2011 , 12:57pm
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I think the vent was for us. She never said she was rude to the salespeople. It can be very frustrating when you have a deadline and can't find what you need to finish the order.

LindaF144a Posted 13 May 2011 , 1:05pm
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I think as someone who has no experience, the thought of bubble tea straws holding up a cake was foreign to her. She was still trying to help you. She had no idea that you may have done this thousands of time before or not. You would be surprised how many first time cake makers I meet in the aisles of Michaels.

And Personally, I would be shocked that tea straws work also. I have used nothing but SPS system for my tier cakes. There is something in me that wants the overkill. Just like knowing that 15 SPS sunblock works fine, but I'll do the 30 just to make sure. But hey, that's just me.

2txmedics Posted 13 May 2011 , 1:58pm
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lol, how funny, talk to the bakery...because she knew more than you, this is the person that goes and buys a grocery store cake and think its beautiful!

Ive run out of bubble straws completely one day, and my daughter has a habit of always getting extra straws from whataburger, BINGO...I used those in a crunch and they held up real good!!!

Marianna46 Posted 13 May 2011 , 2:39pm
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I always use regular straws for this because I can't get bubble tea straws where I live. I've never done more than three tiers, but I've never had a problem with three tiers. Unfortunately, I can't get SPS, either, or I'd probably be using that.

AnotherCaker Posted 13 May 2011 , 2:41pm
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Bubble straws are awesome. SPS is great too, but I rarely need it.

cakegirl1973 Posted 13 May 2011 , 2:49pm
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OP, I've been there, too. I've needed something to finish a cake, went to the store and couldn't find it, asked for help, and then was questioned by the store's employee. It's frustrating, especially when you're working against a deadline. Hope you were able to find the straws or a substitute.

langranny Posted 13 May 2011 , 2:52pm
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Check out your local Oriental markets. Most all of them carry BTS.

langranny Posted 13 May 2011 , 2:56pm
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I got mine off EBay...I believe it was a package of 144 for around $10 (including shipping) Since then I've asked at the Oriental markets locally and they all carry them.

DaniNicole Posted 13 May 2011 , 3:09pm
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Bed Bath and Beyond also carries them, well the ones close to me do anyway...HTH

Kristie925 Posted 13 May 2011 , 3:14pm
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Not sure where you're at, but I found milkshake straws at Meijer. 100 for $1.99! They are sturdy, thicker than regular straws, and work fabulously!

m_willford Posted 13 May 2011 , 3:23pm
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For some reason, I kept picturing these straws as the size of coffee stirrers.... and thinking you guys were crazy for using something so skinny. LOL! I just looked them up and wow, I didn't know you could buy straws that big!

Maybe that's what she was thinking too? icon_smile.gif

sweetmonkeycheese Posted 13 May 2011 , 3:48pm
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Originally Posted by langranny

Check out your local Oriental markets. Most all of them carry BTS.


metria Posted 13 May 2011 , 4:00pm
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similar but opposite story. i was in Home Depot looking for flanges and PVC pipe for my first try at making an internal support for cake. i trying to figure out how to describe what i wanted to do to the Home Depot sales associate. turns out he was a 30-year pastry chef, just working at Home Depot to save up some money to start his own shop. he knew exactly what i was talking about!

Lili5768 Posted 13 May 2011 , 4:12pm
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Isn't that wonderful when that happens! icon_smile.gif

Marianna46 Posted 13 May 2011 , 4:31pm
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Metria, I don't suppose he was that dude in Austin who makes the humongous dinosaur cakes? Probably not, but a pastry chef who's worked at Home Depot will probably be making some eyeball-bending cakes eventually. I'm thinking King Kong on top of the Empire State Building, life-sized people and stuff like that - LOL!

scp1127 Posted 13 May 2011 , 6:25pm
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Bubble Tea is an Asian term, so the person at the party store was not stupid or ignorant. As bakers, WE should know how to ask the question and not expect the clerk at a party store to be knowledgeable in Asian cuisine. Just ask for "straws" and decide for yourself if the straw is suitable.

CWR41 Posted 13 May 2011 , 6:29pm
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Originally Posted by LindaF144a

Just like knowing that 15 SPS sunblock works fine, but I'll do the 30 just to make sure. But hey, that's just me.

Thanks for adding "sunblock"... as I read 15 SPS, I was trying to figure out how/when 15 Single Plate Separators would be needed, then it hit me that you meant SPF!!!!

Minstrelmiss Posted 13 May 2011 , 6:45pm
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It amazes me how many people get snarky over the OP's eye rolling moment. Funny, I never read from her note that she was mad or rude. Easy....stepping away carefully from the snarling teeth!

SarahBeth3 Posted 13 May 2011 , 6:59pm
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Had something like that happen to me for the first time this week. Had an employee at the cake supply store basically tell me I was an idiot for using fondant, it taste like crap. She knew it was a client cake too. That was just the beginning of this lovely visit...I'm not even going to go into it! Maybe she was just having a bad day.

scp1127 Posted 13 May 2011 , 8:11pm
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Minstrelmiss, I was not implying that she was rude. I was pointing out that bubble tea straws are not common knowledge, therefore the clerk did not lack knowledge of her own products, but lacked knowledge in a product totally unrelated to her store.

LoveMeSomeCake615 Posted 14 May 2011 , 4:14am
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Originally Posted by Minstrelmiss

It amazes me how many people get snarky over the OP's eye rolling moment. Funny, I never read from her note that she was mad or rude. Easy....stepping away carefully from the snarling teeth!

My thoughts exactly! She's sharing a funny experience she had, you're supposed to laugh! icon_biggrin.gif

ChRiStY_71 Posted 14 May 2011 , 4:44am
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I can't find bubble tea straws here either...I have to order mine online. I have used straws from McDonalds or Zaxby's....they are nice and thick.

And...I totally got your OP! Don't sweat the negative comments! thumbs_up.gif

Mo-Mo73 Posted 14 May 2011 , 5:04am
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i just found on bubble tea straws for CHEAP...anyone who cant find them locally should to to the website and order them from there..=)

SammieB Posted 14 May 2011 , 5:12am
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SarahBeth3, I had something like that happen to me too! I was at a party and of course I had to go and talk to the lady that made the cake. It was an alright cake, looked nice, tasted good enough. I was just talking to her about cakes and mentioned in passing that I did it as a hobby, and she not only proceeded to get snarky about illegal cake business (which I am not- I don't sell my cakes), but told me that making your own fondant was not professional. All the "pros" bought their fondant premade because it looked better, and it never tasted good homemade or not. Plus is saves oh so much time apparently. Well, even though I just make cakes for friends and family, my homemade MMF has always been a hit and I've had no problems working with it. One day I hope to go into business, and when I do, I may just make my own fondant since that's what I've always done (GASP!) icon_smile.gif

SarahBeth3 Posted 14 May 2011 , 3:56pm
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Sammie B, you keep on making your mmf! I bet it tastes great! (I think it tastes better than premade.)

ladij153 Posted 14 May 2011 , 4:23pm
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I also buy my bubble tea straws on Amazon.....great prices....

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