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amywood20 Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 2:47pm
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A co-worker is looking at having me make her wedding cake. The flavor of cake the couple is asking for is "wedding cake." Apparently there is a bakery in town that sells regular cakes in that flavor. I don't have a recipe for a cake with the flavor of "wedding cake," and need some suggestions. The frosting will be buttercream, I'm just stuck on the cake itself. I appreciate any feedback you may provide!

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beenie51 Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 3:00pm
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The people in the area I live consider White cake as a wedding cake. Could that be what your client wants?

flamingobaker Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 3:21pm
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They also may be thinking white with almond flavoring (WASC)

Alfiesmom Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 3:21pm
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No. there is a wedding cake flavoring sold and a formula for making your own (vanilla, almond & something else). Some one else will have to answer this or look up similar threads. I just don't remember

sugardugar Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 5:21pm
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Call the bakery and ask them what "flavour" their wedding cake flavour is! icon_smile.gif

Mfattore Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 5:33pm
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Lorann makes an emulsion in "Wedding Bouquet" that is popular. I believe it is a combo of lavendar, vanilla, and may citrus. I haven't used it but it might be close to what your looking for.

Mfattore Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 5:40pm
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cakedout Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 6:04pm
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I'd be interested to know what exactly "wedding cake" flavor tastes like??? How is it different than a white cake? icon_confused.gif

I'd be tempted to purchase the Wedding Bouquet flavoring just to give it a try, but sheesh! Not at $15.00 for an 8oz bottle! icon_eek.gif

CreativeCakesbyMichelle Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 6:25pm
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Mfattore-- I'm glad you posted the info about the "Wedding Bouquet" Lorann emulsion. I'm allergic to the scent of lavender and had no idea it was used in flavorings. I'll have to check for that from now on. I've never eaten anything with lavender in it and don't think I'd want to test it out lol.

shaekae81 Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 6:49pm
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I know the flavor they are talking about...and texture goes along with it. If it's commercial bakery (like WalMart) they won't be able to help because they probably get their cakes (or batter) in frozen. I have to say that the WASC is the closest thing I've ever had to the "wedding cake" in my head....also Cake Boss (software, not show) has a recipe for White Velvet Wedding's almost identical to the WASC, though. If you are uncertain, maybe you could let them sample it and see if that's the flavor they are looking for.

Mfattore Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 8:13pm
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You're welcome but I need to correct my post, it isn't made by Lorann, it's someone else. It does however have lavendar in the mix or so I have heard. The label says "special blend" or something so you won't see the ingredients listed as per your allergies. You may want to post about any combo flavorings before purchasing so other cc'ers can inform you if they contain lavendar. Good luck! Maybe the "princess" emulsion from Lorann. It is a blend of vanilla and citrus. Very light and crisp, would be great in buttercream to complement a WASC for a wedding cake.

cheatize Posted 14 Mar 2011 , 9:52pm
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To my understanding, Wedding Bouquet is a brand and must be ordered from a company in the south. Louisiana, maybe? There's creme bouquet and princess emulsion, too. The differences are subtle, but there are differences in flavor.

vickymacd Posted 16 Mar 2011 , 11:44am
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Wedding cake 'flavor' is white cake and WASC is perfect for it, but what they are especially talking about is the flavor "Wedding Bouquet" flavoring or "Princess". They are not extracts, but EMULSIONS. They are a thicker liquid and require less of it when using. Both are by LoAnns. They are a bit expensive, but the flavoring is really nice.

Ursula40 Posted 16 Mar 2011 , 12:14pm
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With lorranns you use drops, not teaspoons full, hence the price will even out

amywood20 Posted 21 Mar 2011 , 10:11pm
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So then if I were to make the WASC then I would not need the "wedding bouquet" or "princess" emulsions, right? Thanks!

ajwonka Posted 21 Mar 2011 , 10:24pm
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How interesting! I had no idea "wedding cake" is a flavor!

kakeladi Posted 21 Mar 2011 , 10:31pm
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Is it possible for you to order a small cake from that bakery so u can see for yourself?
I bet what many are suggesting is to use the *original* WASC recipe but use the 'wedding bouquet' as the flavoring in it as the flavoring instead of the almond/m ix posted in the recipe.

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