Leah_S Could You Help Me With An Sps ? Or Anyone Else?

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KakesbyKris Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 7:11pm
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I have a 3 tiered round cake for a celebration in 2 weeks. I was planning on using the SPS system(1st time) for the stacking. I have only used dowels before.
As I am looking at the configuration of the planned cake though I am a little worried. The tiers will not be centered. If you were to look at it from the side , all 3 tiers line up on the left and make stairs on the right. I hope I explained that well enough.
I realize that the columns will be awfully close to the edges on that left side. Is that going to cause a chance of the columns tearing through that side of the cake and falling? There won't be as much cake between the supports and the outer edge like there would be if they were centered.
Will the SPS still work or should I use a different method? Will doing a cake off-center like that work for any system? Maybe I should redo the design. I am thinking out loud now.
Any help would be appreciated!

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KakesbyKris Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 12:44am
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bubblywhitewine Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 12:59am
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I'm not an expert on the SPS but I do own it and have used it many times. I would suggest that you use the smallest two for your cake stacking. Just because you you have an 8" cake doesn't mean you have to use the 8" circle. Does that make sense?? Post pic!!

Jeep_girl816 Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 1:19am
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I'd be inclined to be with bubblywhitewine on this one, buuuuut, you may want to pm Leah_s for her input, she won't lead you astray!

leah_s Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 1:40am
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What sizes are your tiers?

Bubbly's got it!

For example, under an 8" cake, I'd probably use a 6" plate and leg assembly, and an 8" cake board.

The problem may come with the top tier if it's 6", because SPS doesn't make anything smaller than 6" plates.

I can say from experience that trying to put and 8" plate and leg assembly into an 8" cake will not work. The legs are indeed to close to the edge of the cake. So, yes, there does have to be some space between the leg and the edge of the cake.

KakesbyKris Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 2:50am
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It was going to be 6,8,10. So I should do 6" under the 8 correct, but if there isn't smaller than 6" what should I do for the top tier? I only need to serve 40 but the party is carrying over to a luncheon the next day so they were happy with having extra cake to serve then as well. I guess I could adjust the sizes but I don't want to go overboard with cake.
Leah_s what have you done when you have a smaller tier on top?

leah_s Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 3:45am
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I've stacked offset and don't remember a problem. It was a 6/8/10/12. I was just being extra careful with the previous instructions.

KakesbyKris Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 3:59am
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Ok, I am going to go with the 6" under both top tiers.

Thank you for all the advice ladies! icon_wink.gif

divinecc Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 4:19am
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Leah I just ordered my first SPS and will trying them out next week! Hope I like it as much as you do icon_smile.gif

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