Does This Sound Gross Or What??

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Cakepro Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 9:47pm
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Ugh, look was Sandra Lee has created:

(Wilton) Fondant-Covered Marshmallows

I can't imagine feeding that to my kids. LOL

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butrcup Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 9:49pm
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nanni Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 9:52pm
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Pretty to look at-gross to eat I would imagine. I guess if your child needs a jump start in the morning and it needs to last 24 hours you could give them one or 2 of those-I am sure your dentist would appreciate it!!! Sometimes the chefs just don't think..but they would be a pretty decoration!

susanmm23 Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 9:53pm
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she must not like kids. lol thats so gross its not even all that pretty either.

chefali Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 9:54pm
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I can not stand Sandra Lee! Those dont even look good, or look like anything that anybody would ever want to eat!

mami2sweeties Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 10:00pm
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Why not eat Circus Peanuts?! Kidding, really. What is the purpose of this? Is it meant to be a decoration? I wouldn't eat it.

meghan89 Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 10:04pm
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That is disgusting!!! Just the thought, yuck. Great for the teeth, oh yeah.

HollyPJ Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 10:25pm
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Isn't putting fondant on a marshmallow kind of redundant?

pooker Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 10:34pm
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Originally Posted by HollyPJ

Isn't putting fondant on a marshmallow kind of redundant?

That was my thought. Marshmallow on marshmallow...OVERLOAD!

They are pretty, though...

debsuewoo Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 10:46pm
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Why didn't she just stick the marshmallows on sticks and spray them with food coloring?


cakegal Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 10:47pm
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I wonder if she iced them
Don't look very appealing either...

eve Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 11:15pm
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icon_smile.gif I think small tiny cake squares would probably have been better..
Fondant on Marshmallows ? Too sweet ....BLAH !!

TinaRe Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 11:21pm
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Too sweet and imagine if you used the wilton fondant in the box!!! You could give it to someone you don't like and it would still be pretty!!! LOL Just Kidding! YUCK!

Moviechick00 Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 11:30pm
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What was she thinking is my question. It looks gross......why would the network agree to putting that on air? MC

MrsMissey Posted 30 Aug 2005 , 11:56pm
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..looks like she is in a slump to me!! LOL!!

Phoov Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 12:02am
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WHO'S SANDRA LEE????!!!!!?????? icon_eek.gif

irisinbloom Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 12:50am
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Colorful, but I bet taste nastyicon_smile.gif

itsacake Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 1:28am
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While eating marshmallows covered with fondant sounds yucky, and Sandra Dee's are pretty lame (Who is Sandra Dee?), check out these treasures that Earlene did!

Kind of puts a different spin on things, doesn't it!?

itsacake Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 1:37am
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While eating marshmallows covered with fondant sounds yucky, and Sandra Dee's are pretty lame (Who is Sandra Dee?), check out these treasures that Earlene did!

Kind of puts a different spin on things, doesn't it!?

traci Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 1:39am
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Earlene's look gorgeous!!!! thumbs_up.gif

cindycakes2 Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 1:47am
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Wow! Is Earlene and her cake site awesome, or what?!?!?!? I love to look at her stuff!

dolphindreamers Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 2:28am
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I would like to see her eat one! And keep a straight face! ICK! That has to be the worst idea yet!

alimonkey Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 4:24am
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I'd seen Earlene's before, and while they're beautiful, I just can't imagine eating them. Gross. I guess they're like making gum-paste flowers.

Sandra Lee's, however, aren't even cute.

Foov & Itsacake-Sandra Lee is the host of what I consider to be the worst cooking show on Food Network, "Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee." It's a great idea, but poor execution. One of the first shows I watched was because I thought she was going to make doughnuts. Silly me. She took a pkg of refrigerated cookie dough, shaped it into doughnuts, baked & iced them. No big deal.

I heard she made a wedding cake, too, but I don't know how that went.


itsacake Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 6:36am
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Thanks Ali,

Sandra Dee has been mentioned before, but I hadn't the foggiest. I think her "treats" were meant to be eaten. but I agree thatt he comcept doesn't sound yummy. I don't think that's the idea with Earlene's. I thought hers were just meant to be decorations and the marshmallows made the shaping easier. That's just my opinion.


Phoov Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 4:34pm
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GOTCHA. Sounds like a winner!!!!!! LOL I don't do much tv icon_smile.gif

Jennz818 Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 4:52pm
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I guess we have to keep in mind that if you are using it just for decorations it probably isn't so bad....although, I don't think that is what these were intended for. Why don't you just give your kid an IV with pure sugar running into it?!?!

MainCake Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 5:19pm
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Sandra Lee has a show on Food Network called Semi-Homemade. Some of her ideas are handy if you have little time to "cook". All her ideas are made using store bought stuff so I'm sure the fondant is Wilton brand. She takes pre-packaged food items and makes them her own. My impression is that the show is geared more toward wannabe cooks with little time or enthusiasm for cooking from scratch. She puts more effort into her "tablescapes" than her menu.

You are right, the fondant covered marshmallows do not look appetizing at all. My opinion is: If you want to watch something on Food Network, check out any show with Tyler Florence. That's yummy!

Jennz818 Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 5:31pm
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I completely friend and I are in love with Tyler and his food kicks butt!!!

llj68 Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 5:37pm
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The queen of the baggie-as-a-pastry-bag strikes again! LOL!

Those are not pretty and they sound very yucky. However, if she piped them so they looked like drums--they would be a great idea to decorate a gingerbread house! lol!

I also believe that Earlene's were not meant to be eaten but looked at--at least I CHOOSE to believe this because I can't imagine Earlene doing anything that wuold taste so yucky!!

I don't like Sandra Lee--I don't like her show--I don't like her voice--I don't like it how she does stuff and makes it sound like it's oh so easy (ie. decorating a wedding cake).

Now--give me Alton Brown and I'm with you all the way! LOVE Alton! I used to LOVE Sarah Moulton's "Cooking Live" show. I watched it every single night and was VERY dissappointed when she quit doing it! It was one of my favorite shows.

I can't wait to see Martha Stewart's new "live" show!!


gma1956 Posted 31 Aug 2005 , 5:54pm
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She does not have kids... and I think what she does is terrible, I have even seen here lick her fingers when she is doing things.. Gross and they look just thrown together... It is obvious that she doesn't use decorators buttercream to decorate her cakes, or she would have icing all over her hands from the holes that would develop in her "decorating bag".....

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