Problems With Crusting Buttercream

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yumcake06 Posted 5 Feb 2010 , 6:44pm
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Lately I have been having a problem with crusting buttercream, I usually use the Buttercreamdream recipe, and lately is seems grainy, my husband says is because is crusty, I don't really like that, is it supposed to be doing that or is it time to switch brands I have always used Sam's Club brand PS & crisco and butter from sam's , wondering which one of the 3 is causing this. SHould I buy hi ratio shortening or is there a more creamy recipe for buttercream I could use?

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peg818 Posted 5 Feb 2010 , 8:37pm
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probably the powdered sugar. Look for pure cane sugar, it dissolves better, then beet sugar (which can cause your icing to have that grainy taste to it)

greengyrl26 Posted 5 Feb 2010 , 9:00pm
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Yep, always use 10x powdered sugar. And recently, I started using heavy whipping cream instead of milk in my BC...makes it extra creamy and so much easier to smooth! HTH....

MARTIEQZ Posted 5 Feb 2010 , 10:46pm
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Are you sifting your sugar?

yumcake06 Posted 6 Feb 2010 , 1:45pm
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I do sift my sugar and the PS I use on my BC is 10x PS, I notice that when it crusts it is dry...not sure why it does that, is that normal for buttercream?

peg818 Posted 6 Feb 2010 , 8:06pm
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your butter cream drying has to do with the amount of fat in the recipe. The higher the fat content the less dry it will be.

yumcake06 Posted 7 Feb 2010 , 2:36pm
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So how I could fix this, or what am I doing wrong I use Buttercream Dream recipe

peg818 Posted 9 Feb 2010 , 8:53pm
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Originally Posted by yumcake06

So how I could fix this, or what am I doing wrong I use Buttercream Dream recipe

are you using water or milk in the recipe? I would first try it with heavy cream instead of the milk. Then you can try increasing the fat and decreasing the liquid.

If you are using water instead of the milk that the recipe calls for, your icing would get harder as the water evaporated. Milk has some fat content and i would use full fat milk for this, not skim, if you are using skim that might be adding to your problem.

Just looking as the recipe there seems to be enough fat in it that the icing shouldn't get real crunchy just firm enough to be able to smooth with paper towels.

Also, look to your environment, if you are where you are running the heat (especially if you use something like a wood stove) that will draw the moisture out of the air and out of your icing.


yumcake06 Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:50pm
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Wow Thanks

sadsmile Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 2:31pm
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The brand of powdered sugar can make a difference too. I can't use the Publix brand PS because it has a higher CS content and a grainier texture. Try a straight up tsp of your PS and a couple others and see which one dissolves smoother and has a better mouth feel and go with that one. I have a big bag of the wrong kind that I am using up on french toast and the like...LOL Also stay away from old PS as it can get stale and collect moisture and become more grainy.

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