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SandyS Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 2:34pm
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I see post referring to whether or not it is a fondant you can put in the cooler - I didn't know there was one you could chill?? Is there?

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lindambc Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 2:42pm
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I have read that some fondants will sweat when they are taking out of the fridge, but if you leave it alone till all the condensation is gone it will be fine.

I use both Satin Ice and Marshmallow fondant and I have put cakes covered in both in the fridge and have no issues.


Ruth0209 Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 2:43pm
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I always put my fondant covered cakes in the fridge covered loosely with plastic wrap. I've never had any problems with them.

When it's hot outside, they will sometimes sweat when you first take them out. You just need to let them dry out before you touch them. Now, this works in my arid climate. I don't know if they dry out easily in more humid environments.

ladyonzlake Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 2:46pm
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I use Satinice and Pettice and I refrigerate all my fondant cakes, BC cakes, BC with fondant accents...everything.

Cakes travel easier when chilled. They only "sweat" when it's hot out. Just don't touch them and the condensation will disappear.

SUELA Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 2:58pm
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I only had 1 problem with refriderating fondant and it was actually cream cheese fondant, in July, in a church basement with no air conditioning.

I made the mistake of after covering the cake, piping the blue dots on it and putting in the fridge. The fridge was an oldie, and when I took out the cake the next morning, it started to sweat profusely, blue dots started to bleed, and back into the fridge it went.

I took it out actually after the party started and hoped for the best.

Sweettooth1120 Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 3:00pm
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In the past I had put my fondant cakes in the fridge and had not problem....until a few months ago I did it. The fondant sweat a little bit on the outside, no problem, it dried. But..... it was a stacked cake and when we cut the cake the fondant between the cakes (where the cake board from the cake on top rested on the cake below it) was gummy and gooey and oh so gross. The sugar broke down. So for that reason I no longer put my in the fridge.


PinkZiab Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 3:03pm
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I use Satin Ice and I refrigerate all of my cakes, without exception.

learnincakes Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 3:11pm
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I live in AZ Hot! I put all my fondant cakes in the fridge. I find as long as they are not covered tightly they do fine. But, in Arizona (Phoenix area) we have very little humidity. I have to give cudos (sp?) to all of you that live in humid climates and decorate, when it rains here I really struggle since I am not used to working with humidity.

learnincakes Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 3:13pm
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Oh yes, I forgot. I have had problems with ribbons that I did not let dry completely before going into the fridge. They wilted when I took them out. So make sure you let your fondant decorations dry completely before going into the fridge.

ladyonzlake Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 3:49pm
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I just wanted to add that I do not cover my fondant cakes. I just pop them in the frig.

mmelyss Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 4:17pm
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I put all my MMF cakes in the fridge too!
Nerver had problem. thumbs_up.gif

forthwife Posted 24 Mar 2009 , 7:13pm
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I live in Florida. It's nearly always hot and ALWAYS humid. I do refrigerate my cakes because I hate icing with shortening. My cakes do sweat, but it gives them a nice glimmer (but, all the people in Florida are sweaty too!) I've heard it will reabsorbe, but they aren't around long enough for that to have occured yet (2-3 hours). Maybe others in Florida have had other experiences?

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