How Much Would You Charge For This Cake?

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YouTakeTheCake Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 9:38pm
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I just made this cake a week ago for my SIL and of course it was part of my gift to her so I didn't charge for someone who saw it wants to know how much I will charge for one like it???
Everyone always says I totally undercharge for all of my I am asking for your help...I'm getting tired of getting the third degree because I don't charge enough.


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indydebi Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:07pm
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How big is it? fondant or BC? real flowers, silk flowers or gumpaste flowers? special flavors or fillings?

CakeDiva73 Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:09pm
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That looks like a 9" cake with an extra layer on top? Is it stacked because it looks taller then the standard 4" - more like 6". And all those beautiful gumpaste flowers must have taken forever and a day - plus it's covered in fondant with an impression mat?

My mind is ticking and adding up all the goodies.....the cake alone would be $40 ($55 if it is more than a 9"). I would be charging and extra $15-$20 for the fondant and intricacy of design and the gumpaste flower spray, probably $25............ so that's $85-$100 depending on how much big that cake is.

BTW, that cake is stunning and flawless. You are an artist. icon_smile.gif

gottabakenow Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:38pm
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Originally Posted by CakeDiva73

BTW, that cake is stunning and flawless. You are an artist. icon_smile.gif

It really is. How do you cover a heart shape like that so perfectly?

Sorry, no pricing help. icon_smile.gif

YouTakeTheCake Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:40pm
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Thank you for your kind words CakeDiva!!!!

You are right....9"- Approx 4 1/2 " High ....than a 1" lid....Fondant W/ an impression mat on the sides....Sugar Pearls......and All Gum paste flowers, and leaves.....and I air brushed the cake the lid and all the flowers individually with pearl dust.

KoryAK Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:54pm
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For me, probably $75 for the flowers alone and then $87 if thats a 9x4" fondant covered heart. So about $160.

superstar Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:55pm
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At least $150.00.

indydebi Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:57pm
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agree with the suggestions on the price just for the gumpaste flowers. I couldn't tell if they were real or not!!! thumbs_up.gif

TonyaBakes Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:58pm
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No pricing help, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your cake was! Great job!

NiteOwl4evr Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 10:58pm
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Definitely not less than $85.00.. probably more like $100.. all the flowers. People have no idea how much work goes into decorating. You did a fabulous job! Beautiful

FromScratch Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 11:11pm
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I'd charge about $200 for that.. lots of work. Simply beautiful!!

bobwonderbuns Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 11:17pm
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That's a gorgeous cake!

mayamia Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 11:28pm
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thumbs_up.gif I say 125.00
great job!!

something_sweet Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 11:29pm
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I've been told I price my cakes low too, and I would probably charge $75, but I do have to agree with the others that $100 would probably be more appropriate for the craftsmensip! It is a beautiful cake!!! icon_biggrin.gif

karensue Posted 14 Jul 2008 , 11:52pm
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I would charge $3.75/serving plus at least $50 for the flowers. It's a beautiful cake.

foxymomma521 Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 12:06am
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What were you thinking of charging?

jennifer7777 Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 12:22am
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I suggest finding a serving chart (e.g. Wilton) to base your pricing list off of servings you can get per cake. Then come up with a base price that you would charge for fondant cakes (e.g. $3.00/serving...which is what I charge). Then you can add in the price of all the extras like the flowers, etc., depending on what you would charge extra for.

So using Wilton's chart...9-inch heart serves 28.
28 servings x $3.00=$84.00
gumpaste flowers=$50.00

Given the different responses you can see that your price range for this particular cake would justifiably fall between $100-$200.

YouTakeTheCake Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 4:39pm
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foxymomma I was thinking of charging $60.00 icon_redface.gif

I have a really really hard time pricing my cakes as you can see!

I can't seem to get passed the thought that I personally would never pay $100 for a cake (other than a wedding cake)...but I guess thats because I can make my own! But it is a lot of work as you all know.....

I just don't want to charge a lot of money and end up delivering a cake that someone thinks isn't good enough or worth the money icon_redface.gif

I do appreciate everyones help and advice.

Thank you

foxymomma521 Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 4:42pm
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Can you use silk or real flowers if they don't like the price?

poshcakedesigns Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 5:39pm
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For me no less than $100

BTW beautiful CAKE... icon_lol.gif I may have to 'borrow' this design. I just love it.

indydebi Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 10:57pm
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Originally Posted by YouTakeTheCake

I can't seem to get passed the thought that I personally would never pay $100 for a cake (other than a wedding cake)...

I personally would never pay $50K for a car, but fortunately the Cadillac dealership that gives my hubby a job knows that there ARE folks out there who WILL.

you cannot base your pricing on what YOU would pay. You base your pricing on the value of the product.

Eguie Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 11:10pm
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thumbs_up.gif $75.00 would be perfect.

Jocmom Posted 15 Jul 2008 , 11:17pm
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The people that have asked you to make this cake have already seen your work - so I wouldn't be concerned about delivering the cake and having them not like it - it's flawless! Tell them your price. The ball is in their court then. Either they want to pay what it's worth or they don't.

Edit Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 12:24am
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It also depends what's in the cake. Are you a scratch baker? Your ingredients might cost you more than $20-30 (lots of chocolate, SMBC etc.). If the top is cake that means more servings there.
I wouldn't go below $130-150.

PattyT Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 12:30am
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Just wanted to chime in about how gorgeous your cake is. Just beautiful.

No good at pricing, but jennifer7777's per piece breakdown, plus those spectacular flowers makes a lot of sense.

kalida Posted 19 Jul 2008 , 8:13pm
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Wow what a stunning cake. I cant help you out on pricing it am sorry.My husband always say that i underprice my cakes. icon_rolleyes.gif I mostly make for family and close friends, and they really have no idea how long it takes.

Cakepro Posted 19 Jul 2008 , 9:05pm
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In my market, I would get $120 - $130 for that cake with fondant & GP flowers.

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