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lilyanddayne Posted 6 May 2008 , 2:30pm
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creme and wedding bouquet??? What does it taste like in a recipe? Have never tried but would like to. Does wedding bouquet give it that wedding cake taste? Thanks! Newbie here!!!

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foxymomma521 Posted 6 May 2008 , 3:41pm
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creme bouquet has a citrus hint to it. I don't know about wedding bouquet...

judylynnturner Posted 6 May 2008 , 3:52pm
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I have been trying to find LorAnn Oils and creme bouquet here in town and have been unsuccessful.

Where do you all usually buy these things? icon_confused.gif

I try to not order online because I went through Dave Ramsey Financial Peace and cut up all the creidt cards... thumbs_up.gif

dessert1st Posted 8 May 2008 , 1:43am
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I've been unsuccessful in finding much of a variety in the LorAnn oils myself. I've only found the common ones such as cinnamon, anise, peppermint, etc. , and no luck with French Vanilla, and more subtle flavors. Good question,,, where is everyone getting it?

micnmax2003 Posted 8 May 2008 , 1:55am
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I've only been able to find a select few here, so I resorted to ebay. I recently purchase 12 flavours that I haven't found locally & with shipping I actually save 50 cents/bottle!! icon_biggrin.gif

vickymacd Posted 8 May 2008 , 1:59am
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I bought Wedding bouquet and it has a 'different' kind of scent, and I really couldn't taste any difference in the cake with it.
Will try it again, but really couldn't see what the big deal was.

Tona Posted 8 May 2008 , 2:03am
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I love the Wedding Bouquet it has a Almond base. The Cream Bouquet has a citrus base both are great. You can get your cake store to order the cream bouquet for you. The Wedding Bouquet has to be ordered from a lady in Lousaina.

bradleycake Posted 8 May 2008 , 2:05am
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Wedding Bouquet is sooooo good. I use it in my icing and have also used it in the cake. All of my customers love it. I would say it is an almondy, buttery, lemony, vanillay flavor. It is just plain good. They are now selling the 8 ounce bottle at Global Sugar Art.

bradleycake Posted 8 May 2008 , 2:07am
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Here is a link to the Wedding Bouquet.


vickymacd Posted 8 May 2008 , 11:13am
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I am soooo EMBARASSED!!!!

It's not Wedding Bouquet I have, it's PRINCESS EMULSION!!

The princess emulsion is a no big deal flavoring. It's okay but nothing I'd run out to the store for. Oh wait, I did run out to the store for it!


wgoat5 Posted 8 May 2008 , 11:32am
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So if a person doesn't care for a citrus type of flavor in the cake and icing is the Wedding bouquet something I wouldn't be interested in?

vickymacd Posted 8 May 2008 , 11:39am
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No, it's the creme bouquet you wouldn't want. That's the one that is citrus.
Wedding bouquet is the almond.

wgoat5 Posted 8 May 2008 , 11:43am
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Thanks Mrs. Vicky icon_smile.gif

fiddlesticks Posted 8 May 2008 , 11:51am
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Wedding bouquet.. Is just so delicious ! Anyone that has tried my buttercream with it in, cant figure out what they want to call the taste , but they think its a fresh light kind of flavor ! It does have an almond flavor but not just almond I guess thats why they think its a mystery ! Works for me ! Let them keep guessing ! I havent tried it in the cake mix !

yummymummy Posted 8 May 2008 , 11:56am
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I buy the LorAnn oils at my local cake supply store called The Ice Box. She orders any flavor I want thumbs_up.gif . Although I have to admit, the only flavor I've tried so far is Vanilla Butternut. It tastes similar to Maple and has an incredible smell when your cake is baking! icon_smile.gif

CelebrationCakery Posted 8 May 2008 , 12:07pm
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I buy all of my Lorann flavorings at The Confectionery House...here is a link


(I think I should get a discount from them next time I am in there...I send a lot of people to them...they are great to deal with but shipping can be rough for all of you who need it shipped...I do not know if they take paypal, that may be an option for you)

I know someone mentioned that occassionally you can find Lorann at Walmart but I have not yet had any luck...

foxymomma521 Posted 8 May 2008 , 12:23pm
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Originally Posted by vickymacd

I am soooo EMBARASSED!!!!

It's not Wedding Bouquet I have, it's PRINCESS EMULSION!!

The princess emulsion is a no big deal flavoring. It's okay but nothing I'd run out to the store for. Oh wait, I did run out to the store for it!


I don't really care for Princess or Creme Bouquet, I thought I was the only one!! As soon as hubby gets paid I'll order Wedding Bouquet, I LOVE almond and am glad to hear it's different than the other two. I also recently purchased ML's butter vanilla and it's delicious! thumbs_up.gif

BREN28 Posted 8 May 2008 , 12:39pm
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dumb question from a newbie. i already add vanilla,almond and clear butter extract to my buttercream,but if i added lemon extract would it taste the same as adding the wedding bouquet??

charman Posted 8 May 2008 , 12:54pm
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How much of the "Wedding Bouquet" do you use when you are flavoring your icing...just replace the same amount with whatever you used before? I typically use just clear vanilla. I have never been a huge almond fan, is it the dominate flavor in it?

fiddlesticks Posted 8 May 2008 , 1:29pm
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To me ..Its such a combo of flavors that Its hard to say. I have had people say it tastes more like vanilla and others say more almond.Guess its different for everyone ,just depends on what tastes you pick up on more ! I put 3-4 tsp. in my buttercream.But just add some and taste it till you get the strength you want !

charman Posted 8 May 2008 , 1:40pm
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wow...that seems like a lot. I usually only do 2 tsp. of vanilla when I make my BC...guess you'd have to play with it like you said.

fiddlesticks Posted 8 May 2008 , 2:53pm
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I guess it also depends on the size of the batch of buttercream you make to ?

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