Wish Me Luck Guys!!!

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MikeRowesHunny Posted 25 Apr 2008 , 1:38pm
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Tonight I take my silver level Ballroom & Latin American dancing exams. I'm so nervous I think I may just puke before the evening's out icon_rolleyes.gificon_surprised.gificon_lol.gif . I think it's just as well I didn't have a cake to do today, I would probably have dropped it!

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kakeladi Posted 25 Apr 2008 , 3:09pm
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Hey, just picture the judges/audience sitting there in their underwear and you'll be just fine! icon_smile.gif

VannaD Posted 25 Apr 2008 , 4:12pm
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Good Luck, Im sure youll do fine!

Auryn Posted 25 Apr 2008 , 6:15pm
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Good luck,
I'm sure you will be brilliant

veejaytx Posted 26 Apr 2008 , 8:18pm
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Wow, that sounds so exciting (well, except the puking part.) I hope you had a grand time, and got great marks!

Be sure to let us know how you did!

mkolmar Posted 26 Apr 2008 , 8:53pm
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How much fun is that! I'm sure you did wonderful.

imagine76 Posted 27 Apr 2008 , 2:33am
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so how'd it go?

VannaD Posted 27 Apr 2008 , 3:26pm
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im also wondering how it went, let us know please!

MikeRowesHunny Posted 27 Apr 2008 , 8:55pm
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Well, it's taken me this long to post because first I was upset, and now I'm just mad, so I've been trying to let it go and not dwell on it! However, I think having a good old rant and getting it off my chest might help so:

Last year my partner couldn't make the date for our school's test, so we did it with another school. I got star grades in Bronze for both Ballroom and Latin American, BUT there was a lot of bizzare marking going on that night. People who had danced pretty badly from the other school were also being given star grades. My partner (9 years experience), assured me that I had truly earned and deserved my grades, so not to worry!

Roll on to this year, dancing with my own school, being marked by one of the country's top dancers - great! My partner was asked to be the partner for another woman from my class because her husband has dodgy knees, so can't do the jive etc. Fair enough. We have been practicing as a foursome for some weeks now so that she got used to my partner's dancing style etc. My partner told me that I was a far better dancer than her in every way, and even her own husband said so lol! So, she danced in the group before me and she did OK. I was nowhere near as struck with nerves as I had been last year and felt I danced well (and so did my partner).

The evening ends with the marks and certificates being given out. I got star grades again in both Ballroom and Latin American - BUT so did she, in fact she scored higher than I did in Ballroom (same in LA)!!! Everyone in our little group of onlookers/family/friends etc was stunned to say the least. I asked my partner if he thought she had danced as well/better than me and (he's always very honest!), said in no way, shape or form was she better, that night or at any other time.

I was so upset, I cried for an hour after I came home. I also know that another lady in my group got the same marks as I did, and my son taped the dances which I've watched, and she is clearly dancing nowhere near as well as me either!!!

So, I don't know what I've done to make the judges dislike me so much (and my partner is as mystified!), but biased and unfair marking seems to be as rife in my school as at the other school last year. I am disappointed and devastated. Right now I am seriously considering going elsewhere to continue on to my gold level.

Sorry for the rant!

veejaytx Posted 27 Apr 2008 , 11:06pm
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Sheesh, I don't blame you for being upset. It has been my experience/observation that in almost any competition/testing there is going to be a certain amount of political influence going on in the background, and it appears this could have been happening in this case.

I don't think you should assume that the judges don't like you, more than likely they graded the way they did for other reasons...they owed someone a favor or simply knew the other dancers better, could be all kinds of things.

At this point, it would be best to just shrug the disappointment off and be happy that you got your good marks...at the same time I'd be checking into another school, although if the judges are biased for any reason, a different school won't fix that.

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Wish we could see you perform, we know you are great!

mkolmar Posted 28 Apr 2008 , 11:17pm
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I was in dance for many many years and competed. I hate to say this, but a lot of times the judging isn't fair. Remember the olympic judging scandle years ago for ice skating. Well, lets just say it's pretty much the same with dancing. Certain people just get judged easier than others for some reason. It's actually pretty common. I'm sorry this happened to you. I've had it happen to me also and it still upsets me. You worked hard and earned those marks. Hold your head high and shoulders back and flaunt your stuff!

MikeRowesHunny Posted 29 Apr 2008 , 3:00pm
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OK girls, I'm going to be brave and upload the vids to Youtube for those who want to judge for themselves Wink ! Now, I'm not saying I didn't deserve the marks I got, just that others were over-marked in comparison! I'll let you know when they are up - might take some time as they are big files. Points for spotting my big gaffe in the Samba (the only mistake I made all night Embarassed !).

If you are looking to compare, the lady in the green dress got exactly the same marks as me, and the woman who got better marks (not seen as she was in a different group) didn't dance any better than her! FYI - I'm the fat one in the cream dress with purple flowers on it!

The Waltz:

The Tango (kinda hard to see me in this one!):

The Quickstep:

The Samba (cringe at my mistake - and right in front of where the judge was standing too - gawd!):

The Cha Cha Cha:

The Rhumba:

The Paso Doble:

The Jive (my fav LA dance):

veejaytx Posted 29 Apr 2008 , 5:44pm
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I really enjoyed watching the videos, thanks for putting them up so we could see.

First, I don't think you are fat, and I really liked your dress! You and your partner were the only ones who really looked like you were enjoying yourselves.

The woman in the green dress never got her feet more than 12 inches apart, sort of minced around with her steps, not a good sign for me...and what was with the dark, severe dresses the other women were wearing? Dancing clothes to me means soft, with full skirts.

No comparison as far as I can tell, you were the much better dancer and your marks should have reflected that. IMHO!

Have to ask, what kind of marks did the guy in the shiny pants and his partner get? I don't think I've ever seen somebody stop and start over as many times as they did.

Yep, hold your head up and be really proud, I think you did great!

MikeRowesHunny Posted 29 Apr 2008 , 8:02pm
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Originally Posted by veejaytx

Have to ask, what kind of marks did the guy in the shiny pants and his partner get? I don't think I've ever seen somebody stop and start over as many times as they did.

LOL! Believe it or not, they were taking the GOLD exam, I was taking the level below them, silver - makes you wonder huh?!

mkolmar Posted 29 Apr 2008 , 9:53pm
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icon_surprised.gif You were robbed! You did a really good job, especially on the jive. I just like the beat and footwork to that one.
The lady in the green tried hard but I must be honest from a former dancer/competitor view. She kept her steps too small and didn't have the proper fluent movements needed. This made it look as if her partner was dragging her along while dancing. The main reason for this is she was 1/4 of a beat/step off of the music. It's ever so slight but does make a big difference, especially considering her steps where not the proper width apart. Kind of like stutter stepping in a way but with trying to hide it.
You did very well, especially for all of the numbers you had to memorize. The only complaint I have of you is to where a shorter skirt, possibly knee length or shorter. You've got great legs girl, show them off! This will possibly help show off those great dance move more. (oh--and stop that fat girl talk or I'm coming over to shake you like crazy for thinking that way icon_lol.gif )

Relznik Posted 29 Apr 2008 , 10:39pm
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I'm going to be honest with you - and not just say nice things because you're a 'friend' through this website.


See. That's the truth. I'm not just being nice for the sake of it.

I have no idea what on earth the judges were playing at. Really I don't. But you're a wonderful dancer.

Suzanne x

mkolmar Posted 2 May 2008 , 12:49pm
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I just showed these to my DH and he agreed, you were the best dancer out there and were judged unfairly.

7yyrt Posted 4 May 2008 , 8:20pm
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The only thing I can see, is that you are too smooth and graceful. Every move glides into the next.
The couple with the shiny pants danced next to you several times, and the woman was more staccato than you were. Move, hold, move, hold...

It sounds as though the judges like that snappy stuff more than smoothness.

MikeRowesHunny Posted 4 May 2008 , 8:48pm
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Originally Posted by 7yyrt

The only thing I can see, is that you are too smooth and graceful. Every move glides into the next.
The couple with the shiny pants danced next to you several times, and the woman was more staccato than you were. Move, hold, move, hold...

It sounds as though the judges like that snappy stuff more than smoothness.

Yes, proving the judge is an idiot! The only place for staccato is in the Tango, and I did that. All ballroom (except Tango) should be light, smooth and graceful. Even Latin should flow (except maybe for the Paso Doble which is also staccato) from one move to the next. If I was penalised for the reasons you think (and maybe I was), then I was penalised for dancing correctly (and that wouldn't surprise me either - correct hold, footwork and body lines are never pushed in the classes, whereas I insist that I do it properly because in a year's time I want to start training for competitions!)- the shiny pants guy and his partner were a shambles and dancing different routines (gold level) icon_rolleyes.gificon_razz.gif !

veejaytx Posted 4 May 2008 , 8:57pm
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I really had to laugh at the shiny pants couple after you said they were working on the gold level...not up to par IMHO. They didn't know how to avoid crowding/running up on the other couples (usually you and your partner) and every few minutes they would stop and have to count to get going again!

No, I think you were best, and your marks should have reflected that. I am enjoying going back and watching the videos again and again, I loved to dance and just can't do it any more with this darned arthritis!

Keep dancing, you are doing great!

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