Elmo Layed To Rest On Thurs 3:30 P.m.

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mommak Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:09am
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Ok here is the mess I had with the RKT....still not sure what happened. I haven't had time to just mess and see if I should maybe add more marsh. or less??? But here is my first 3-D elmo.....as he looked before I went to bed Wed night and when my son woke me at 2:30 a.m. to tell me elmos head exploded icon_cry.gif I hope I added the attachments correctly!

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sgilmer Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:23am
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LOL. This is hilarious. I can't stop laughing. Sorry, I have no idea how that could have happened. I'm sure someone here will know.

erinalicia Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:34am
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I'm so sorry that happened... Poor Elmo's head exploded. It looks like his "brains" all over the table. icon_smile.gif Don't think Sesame Street would like that.

Anyway, I think that you had too much marshmallow, making the mixture too soft to hold up to the decorations. I haven't actually tired this yet, but I'm going to start practicing to make a Curious George for my son's birthday in Feb.

It was a good effort though! icon_smile.gif

meldancer Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:28am
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My guess was the head was too heavy and the support tore the cake. Maybe next time try a styrofoam head, much lighter. He WAS cute.

Sorry for your loss. icon_sad.gif

tana Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:37am
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Originally Posted by sgilmer

LOL. This is hilarious. I can't stop laughing. Sorry, I have no idea how that could have happened. I'm sure someone here will know.

I cant stop either....I will totally love the second picture for a halloween party... icon_rolleyes.gif

lvablkmn Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:38am
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Well.....he was really cute before his "accident"!!!!!!! As funny as the after picture is, I know you were upset after all the time it took you to make it. Hope you can get an answer to what might of happened & hope it doesn't happen to you again. Good luck!!! icon_smile.gif

2Cupcakes Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:39am
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Oh no! Poor Elmo. I've never seen anything like this. It looks like he 'jumped'. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

He looked really good to start. Sorry this happened. Hope someone has an answer for you.

all4cake Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:40am
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry your Elmo bit the dust but daggum

I thought it had puked itself!

Looked like oatmeal had come back up.

DiannaSue Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:33am
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Oh I am so sorry this happened to you, but I am also sorry I am LMAO I know I shouldn't be setting here laughing, but (SORRY) I am. I have no idea what caused it I wish you better luck on your next one. I'll put a flower out for Elmo, may he rest in peace.

mommak Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:42am
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Well my son who found it thought it was hularious also, he's the one who took the pic lol. Of course I did not find it so funny at 2:30 a.m. But I can now have a good chuckle. It truly looked like his head exploded which my son thought was totally COOL.

cakes80 Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:42am
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I'm so sorry. I'm laughing too. Thank you so much for sharing this. I do know how much work and effort went in to it. He was adorble!

all4cake Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:45am
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It looks like the rkt wasn't packed tightly enough

mommak Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:51am
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I packed it pretty good, I even set the head in the fridge to make sure it was nice and firm. I put the amount of marsh. that the recipe called for. Oh and his eyeball was eaten along the way also. I had the eyes and nose sitting on the table, seperate from elmo. Hubby thought it was scrap and popped the eyeball in his mouth ugh. I did ask hubby WHY WOULD I SIT THERE AND ROLL RKT IN A BALL JUST FOR HIM TO POP IN HIS MOUTH?? lol I think elmo was doomed from the beginning.

cavegirl Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:52am
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How sad! I always have a hard time using RKT, I think I keep the house too warm or use too much marshmallow, anyway, I sympathise. Good luck on try #2!

KathysCC Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:45am
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This doesn't look like an accident. It looks like a crime has been committed. Do you have survellance video? You might need to call in the FBI.

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. Poor, poor elmo. I can't imagine what happened. He really is pathetic. Will you be able to repair him for the party?

all4cake Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:56am
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hahahahahahahahaha eye poppin'

I pounded mine....I rolled it into a ball and literally pounded it on the counter until it was SOLID.

It just looked a bit loose(the oatmeal effect), I thought that may have been the case.

melotte Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 3:48am
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I'm sorry that this happened to you but I also had a good laugh. I had an Elmo 3D cake last month too that looks like the one before the head exploded. My problem was the arms were all down when I woke up the following morning. I was able to put more sticks to put it back to place. I also think that the head was loosely packed and let it dry first to harden it.

lilsis Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 4:06am
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so sorry about Elmo...but it really is funny!!! Does everyone use the recipe off the box of RK when making these?? Am going to attempt to make some in the shape of pumpkins for kids halloween party and just don't have 'spare' time for accidents!! thanks!!

ceshell Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 4:02am
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Hilarious story, although I am sorry your Elmo had to take such a beating just for our amusement.

Originally Posted by KathysCC

This doesn't look like an accident. It looks like a crime has been committed. Do you have survellance video? You might need to call in the FBI.

icon_lol.gificon_lol.gifthumbs_up.gif too funny!

tasteebakes Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 4:11am
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I use rkt and never had this problem. I tried to make a girl sitting up once and it started to pull apart that night. Maybe that is what happened, I tried to stack too tall.
I'm sorry that your loss made me laugh soooo hard! I had to show Hubby, who thinks there was fowl play. lol

grannys3angels Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 4:34am
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mommak, I am so very sorry this happen to you, but things happen for a reason....I was satting here crying, saw your headline, click on it, read the post, saw the pictures....and now I am crying tears from laughing so hard. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Please forgive me. Now all I can think is things like (in a Elmo voice) Ohhhhhh Noooo Elmo Fall Down! Elmo has big boo boo!
Elmo lost his is head! Can you help Elmo find his head?
Elmo don't feel so good! Elmo shouldn't have went partying!
Bad man eat Elmo's eye! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif I am so so sorry but God Bless you & Elmo for making me laugh so hard.

O.K. laugh time over (for just a min), I have make some things out of RKT, but only a few...this is a tip I read here on CC, don't add the butter to the RKT mixture...and last time I made something with the RKT's I mix some melted candy melts with it, after I shape it I put it in the fridge to let the candy set, after that I was able to decorate.

I don't know if the candy melt would work with something like a Elmo head or not, but I do know that leaving the butter out of mixture helps and compressing as much and as hard as you can will help. I hope maybe this can help you out some.

Again sorry for your mishap, but I have love the laugh.
God Bless,
EDITED: to say, if I can I also try to stick a sucker stick so far into it, then the other end into the cakes, to help give it support.

KathysCC Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 4:35am
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Yes, I think I would question the first one at the scene of the crime. What was he doing up at 2:30 AM? Why does the Elmo's nose have that suspicious red coloring on the end of it? If he had fallen on his own, how would the red have gotten on the end of his nose? It looks like the crime scene has been manipulated. Hmmmm....

mommak Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 2:14pm
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Way to funny kathy lol...my son was getting home from work at 2:30 a.m., he's 18. I thought about Monk when I seen this....the gore may have been to much for him.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll def give some of them a try. I really don't want to go through this again. It was SO much work and SO much cake that was lost in the explosion.

I did have a back up plan in case something was to go wrong..thank goodness!! Sheet cakes are life savers! thumbs_up.gif

LaSombra Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 10:03pm
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oh no! icon_surprised.gif poor elmo icon_cry.gif

I can't help but chuckle too...at least it wasn't for a customer and your son saw it before his head "exploded" icon_rolleyes.gif

I've never attempted anything quite like that so I'm no help with the advice...

wgoat5 Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 11:45pm
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Hmmm...ive built bases for cakes out of rkt.....but I did put a dowl through the base and the cake on a cake board cut to fit...... see the banana split cake in my avatar....the whole base is RKT. From the bottom to the base of the cake. I also use the reg. recipe BUT....i let it dry overnight left out uncovered. And the fridge might have been your culprit. RK and fridge sometimes are no no 's but your Elmos was darling! icon_smile.gif


thems_my_kids Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:06am
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How dumb am I?!?!!?! I read through this entire thread before realizing that "rkt" was rice Krispie treat!!!

wgoat5 Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:19am
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LMAO @Thems icon_biggrin.gif

LaSombra Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:20am
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Originally Posted by thems_my_kids

How dumb am I?!?!!?! I read through this entire thread before realizing that "rkt" was rice Krispie treat!!!

lol, I didn't even know until you said! icon_redface.gificon_lol.gif I figured it out once before but then forgot icon_rolleyes.gif

OhMyGoodies Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:22am
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I ain't gonna lie here... when I first looked at the pics without reading the entire post... I swore those were maggots and this was some kind of halloween thing.... lmfao

wgoat5 Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:24am
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LMAO you all are gonna make me twinkle icon_biggrin.gif

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