What Is Golden Syrup?

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mommapaul3 Posted 1 Sep 2007 , 7:12pm
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My dad recently got a recipe for Anzac cookies from an Australian friend and the recipe includes golden syrup. He went nuts over these cookies and really wants to make them, but we're not sure what golden syrup is. Can you get this in the US? or is there a good substitution? Thanks.

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tchrmom Posted 1 Sep 2007 , 7:19pm
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I think I read something in a book I got from the library that had European and American equivalents, and if I remember right, it's corn syrup-- like Karo. I'll check the book when I get home if this hasn't been answered by someone who is more sure.

Parable Posted 1 Sep 2007 , 7:22pm
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Yes yes yes....you can get Golden Syrup in the U.S. We buy it for the very same cookie recipe. My Aussie, SIL, turned us onto these cookies back when we were searching for international recipes for Girl Scout events.

Her is Jax, FL, I buy it at either the European Street Restaurants or at Fresh Market grocery store.

You are gonna love them too. BTW, they can be made with pecans instead of coconut for a great alternative. It will be where the pancake syrups are in the store.


Joy2501 Posted 1 Sep 2007 , 7:22pm
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Golden Syrup is kind of like corn syrup. The brand name available in the US is Lyles, and I have bought it from Kroger. It is an English product, so its found in the International Foods section. I'll check into what you can substitute for it.


AnythingSugar Posted 1 Sep 2007 , 7:46pm
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Would anyone mind sharing this recipe? I would like to try this. Thanks.

maggiev777 Posted 2 Sep 2007 , 12:42am
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Oh yes, please share!!

yummymummycakes Posted 2 Sep 2007 , 12:53am
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Golden Syrup is made from cane sugar and water, the sugar is disolved until it turns a golden caramel colour.

You can substute honey or treacle for it. Molasses is way to heavy to substitute with.

Just remember that Anzac biscuits will harden whilst cooling.

Good luck with your recipe.


Parable Posted 2 Sep 2007 , 4:02am
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OK, I added the recipe to the recipe section but I don't know how long it takes before it shows up so here it is for those of you that just can't wait:

Anzac Biscuits (Cookies)

Serves/Yields:   48


The name Anzac came from the name given to the Australians and New Zealander's who went to the first world war. A.N.Z.A.C. (Australian & New Zealand Army Corp) These were the favorite cookies (Biscuits to "Auzies" and "Kiwis") that wer sent to them in war time packages.


4 oz. butter
1 Tbsp golden syrup
1 tsp baking soda
2 Tbsp boiling water
1 cup rolled oats (quick oats are fine)
1 cup coconut or 1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup plain flour
1 cup sugar


Preheat oven to 300.

Melt butter and golden syrup in a large saucepan over low heat. Add the baking soda mixed with the boiling water. (The mixture will foam up which is why a large saucepan is needed.)

Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour melted mixture into center. Mix to a moist but firm consistency. Drop teaspoonfuls of mixture onto cold greased baking tray. Allow room for spreading. Bake for approx. 12 minutes, until golden brown. Cool a few minutes on tray before removing to a wire cooling rack.

Chopped nuts can be substituted for a very good alternative.

MandyBs Posted 2 Sep 2007 , 4:21am
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Thanks! Will give them a try if I can find the Golden Syrup.

kjgjam22 Posted 2 Sep 2007 , 4:31am
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golden syrup comes in a tin usually...the lable is green...its thick and yummy....we use it here on pancakes and waffles....its way thicker that aunt jemima.

Alligande Posted 2 Sep 2007 , 12:23pm
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you can substitute Golden syrup, but if you want the orginal taste of the cookies you have to use it, it has very unique taste and is used as a topping in its own right (unlike corn syrup). I can find it in the supermarket (stop and shop and shaws) you might also find it in specialty food stores, and you can certainly find it online as specialty british food importers.

It did tradtionaly come in a green and gold can, but last time I saw it in the baking section of the supermarket it was in a clear plastic bottle

AnythingSugar Posted 3 Sep 2007 , 4:21am
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Thank you so much for the recipe. These sound delicious! I can hardly wait to find the syrup and try these. Thanks!!

Parable Posted 3 Sep 2007 , 3:52pm
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The Lyle's brand I buy comes in a glass jar. Dark green label, I think.

mommapaul3 Posted 5 Sep 2007 , 12:34am
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Thank you so much for all the help. I'll pass the info to my dad and hopefully be tasting some yummy cookies soon!

AnythingSugar Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 3:59pm
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Parable thank you, thank you for this recipe!!!!

I bought golden syrup and rolled oats to make the recipe as original as possible. I made the cookies this morning. WOW, these cookies are so good!!! I think they are addicting LOL. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

lanibird Posted 7 Sep 2007 , 6:10pm
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If you have a Cost Plus World Market nearby, you should be able to get it there. I bought some there not too long ago, and it is very yummy! Here is a link to the website for it, just for any extra info:


AnythingSugar Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 12:18am
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I got the golden syrup at Fresh Market. I love that store!

Incognito Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 12:29am
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I like to drizzle mine with some melted dark chocolate. So good!

AnythingSugar Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 1:58am
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Oh my.....I bet the chocolate is delicious with these cookies. I have told myself all day that they are healthy because they have oatmeal in them LOL

superstar Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 2:38am
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I have quite a few recipes that use Golden Syrup, I always have a few cans of it in stock, Lyles Golden Syrup has a unique taste. I love it.

JaneK Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 2:48am
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Porridge with golden syrup and cream is one of my guilty pleasures....
It has a bit of different taste (better) than corn syrup..

BakingGirl Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 3:00am
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JaneK, I was just getting ready to post about putting golden syrup on oatmeal, but I see you beat me to it! Great minds, and all of that. Or is it greedy bellies?? But for all of you out there, it is absolutely delicious!

AnythingSugar Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 3:48am
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This is my first time using golden syrup but the taste is wonderful. I went back today and bought two more bottles. Tonight, my daughter mixed it with peanut butter and made a sandwich. She said it was so much better than peanut butter and honey. She loved it! I can't wait to try it on French Toast. Yum!

If anyone would like to share some recipes, I would love to have them. Thank you!

mommicakes Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 2:40pm
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These sound yummie!!! Thanks for the new cookie!! icon_biggrin.gif

jcmm1014 Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 2:54pm
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And for everyone in Canada it is called Rogers golden syrup and you can find it with the pancake syrup like Aunt Jemimas. We use it on our pancakes.SooooYummy.Thanks for the cokie recipe icon_smile.gif

miss_sweetstory Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 2:55pm
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Plain light and dark corn syrup is not available in the UK. I've found that you can substitute Golden Syrup for it (with a slightly sweeter taste), but that you cannot substitute corn syrup for golden syrup. I agree with everyone who says, "Yummy!"

Incognito Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 3:36pm
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Originally Posted by AnythingSugar

This is my first time using golden syrup but the taste is wonderful. I went back today and bought two more bottles. Tonight, my daughter mixed it with peanut butter and made a sandwich. She said it was so much better than peanut butter and honey. She loved it! I can't wait to try it on French Toast. Yum!

If anyone would like to share some recipes, I would love to have them. Thank you!

Sorry I am Australian so its all in metric!!

I made these for DH to take to work as a snack. I found a recipe online but changed it to suit me icon_biggrin.gif These are so yummy and will make ~ 12-16 muesli bars.

Cranberry & Macadamia Muesli Bars

125 grams butter
75 grams soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
140 grams rolled oats
75 grams self-raising flour, sifted
160 grams dried cranberries (Crasins)
100 grams macadamia nuts, roughly chopped
60 grams desiccated coconut

150g chocolate (I use dark choc but white or milk will work too)

Set your oven to 160 degrees. Prepare your slice tin (20cm x 30cm) by lining with Glad bake or other baking paper. Leaving some paper overlapping the sides will make it easy to remove the muesli bars later.

In a large mixing bowl, weigh the Oats, flour, cranberries, nuts & coconut. Mix with a spoon until combined.
In a saucepan, on medium heat, melt the Butter, sugar & Golden Syrup in a saucepan. Stir until the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved but make sure to not let the mixture boil.

Add the butter mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until its all combined.
Place into the tin, spread out evenly and push down the mixture with the back of a spoon.

Bake for approx 20 mins or until golden brown. It will be soft when you first pull it out of the oven but will firm up once cool.
Allow to completely cool down in the tin.

Place the Chocolate in a microwave safe container and nuke for 20sec. Stir well and return to the microwave for another 10 sec. Stir again. Keep nuking it for 10 sec at a time stirring each time until the chocolate has melted. Pour the chocolate over and spread out evenly. Once the chocolate has set, it can be removed from the tin and sliced into bars.
You can get ~12-16 bars depending on how thick you slice it. These muesli bars are firm on the outside & chewy on the inside. Perfect, mostly healthy snack food! Enjoy! icon_biggrin.gif

AnythingSugar Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 6:09pm
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Incognito, Thank you so much for the recipe. These sound delicious. My daughter loves granola bars and things like that so I am sure she will love these!

kirsty1809 Posted 8 Sep 2007 , 9:46pm
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I was gonna ask what Corn Syrup was cos I see lots of recipes for it but I had no idea what it was, but looks like that has answered so thanx for that!

Coming off the original subject slightly, I find it really interesting how things that we have here in the UK like Golden Syrup which is something most people here propably use on a daily basis you don't have readily in the US and Vice Versa. Golden Syrup is used for loads of things, I normally have it in my cupboard for making flapjacks, but people have it on cereal, ice cream, in yoghurts, pancakes and so on....anyway just thought I would share!!!

misterpaul Posted 22 Oct 2013 , 8:41pm
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Hi, I'm Mister Paul UK expat living and working in Spain (Baker).

Golden Syrup is not made from cane sugar and water,it's a by-product of the sugar refining process, it is actually partially inverted sugar. I's available in the US made by Lyles in the UK and sold in International stores up and down the country- Whilst Corn Syrup id a reasonable substitute in some recipes, it does not work in others, hope this is useful

See my website www.PaulsRecipes.com

Regards to you all in the US from all of us in Spain

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