I Must Sing The Praises Of My Kopykake Projector!!

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3tiers Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 3:53am
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I just have to say that I think my projector is one of the few tools I would absolutely not operate without! I get so many compliments on my handwriting - all I'm doing is tracing! No more beginning words only to realize they're not going to fit - or writing up/down hill! This one tool has saved me countless hours of work. I do my editing at the computer and I save many of my designs for future use. During graduation, we had about 100 cakes to do and we simply came up with about 4 different designs on the computer and changed the names/colors to fit the school. If you are ever in the kitchen with us, you would hear us say "All hail the projector" at least 5 times a day. I am no artist, but the projector gives me the confidence to try so many new things. If you are considering purchasing one - don't hesitate! You will save yourself so much time and avoid a tremendous amount of stress. Sorry so long, I just had to get this off my chest icon_smile.gif

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kerririchards Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 4:04am
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I could not agree more! Best money I EVER spent!

rhondie Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 4:26am
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Aren't they really expensive? Hundreds of dollars?

bostonterrierlady Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 4:31am
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I got one off ebay. It was used. I had to replace 1 part. I paid $150.00

bbarnes Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 11:14am
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I agree, the best cake decorating tool I have, I also got mine off of ebay.

RitzyFritz Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 11:34am
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I have been looking at getting one of these. Could I get a few pointers, please?

1. Is Kopykake the only brand worthwhile for cake decorating?

2. Is there a huge difference in quality between the K1000 and 300xk...or any other model? There is a significant price difference so wondered what made the difference.

3. What things should I definitely look for as far as features?

Thanks in advance for helping this newbie!!

Have a blessed day!

kerririchards Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 12:02pm
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I have the 300XK and I absolutely love it. However, if I had it to do all over again, I would have saved up for a bit longer and got the more expensive one. It has the ability (I think it might have an extra light inside) to be used in a regularly lighted room. With the 300XK you have to be in a dark room to get truly the best image. And sometimes that is not always convenient. You still get a good projection, but it is easier to see if the room is really dark. The image is not quite as clear if you are working on a chocolate cake - but seems to work fine when I take the time to trace over my lines with a black sharpie. (My darkest room has a mirror in it and the light from the box reflects in it. I don't want to burn up my motor by covering the projector with a towel).

Kiddiekakes Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:13pm
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Best investment for me also!!!

LisaMS Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:24pm
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Have had mine for over 20 years. Seemed expensive at the time but boy has it paid for itself.

3tiers Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:30pm
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I bought mine at a cake decorating store for around $400. I have the "top of the line" model (not sure what the number is). I purchased this one because I often work with a partner and did not want to have to shut of the lights everytime I needed to use it. I do need to turn the lights off in the area of the kithcen I am working in, but it certainly does not need to be dark, just a little dim, to see the image clearly. One word of advice - keep extra light bulbs! Mine burned out late one night and I was in a panic. Fortunately, I realized you can use 100 watt bulbs in a pinch - they're just not quite as bright. But, if you're like me, once you begin using it, you will not want to do a cake without it!

springlakecake Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:33pm
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What do you do with this exactly? Is it to project words onto your cake to copy? Would else would you use it for?

3tiers Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:43pm
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The more appropriate question is "What wouldn't I do with it?" Like I said, I use it on almost every party cake I do. Most of my business consists of sheet cakes or round cakes, so I use it for pictures and writing. When someone brings in a napkin or invitation to match, I just put it in my projector and away I go. I always use it for writing. I use different fonts and I'm able to place them exactly where I want them and see what it's going to look like on the cake before I begin. Many times, I think I have what I want at the computer, then take it to the cake only to find it doesn't look quite right. No problem! I just go back to the computer and tweak it a little bit. No scraping involved! I have even used it to trace onto my cake boards to cut out when I need a different size or shape than usual. Honestly, I use it everyday.

3tiers Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:52pm
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I came across a picture that shows a perfect use for the projector. I had a customer bring in this picture for his 50th class reunion cake. This was the design they were putting on T-shirts for the class and they wanted the cake to match. I just put in my projector and copied. Before I had the projector, I would have been enlarging it and cutting out the shapes to press on the cake (I cannot draw at all!!). This saves me so much time and the end result is better.

RitzyFritz Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:55pm
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I'm definitely becoming more of a believer!! Thanks for sharing all this information...this helped make up my mind. I'm sure DH won't be so thrilled once he sees the price, but will love my cakes as a result of the equipment! icon_lol.gif

Do you recommend Kopykake's airbrush as well...or is there another that is just as good for a lower price?

Thanks again!!!

HeatherMari Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 2:58pm
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This post just convinces me that I need on even more than I thought before!! I don't have a business yet but I am making a mental list of all the tools I want when I have one and this is at the top! Thank you! And that 50th reunion cake looks awesome!

springlakecake Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:37pm
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So you dont need a special paper or anything to put into the projector? Forgive me I havent heard of this tool before!

cakedeco Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 7:57pm
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I recently bought the kopykake 1000 for 145.00 with shipping. I was jumping for joy. They run for about 499.00. I watched for it on ebay.

kerririchards Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 10:11pm
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No special paper is needed, just make sure your image is approx. 4X6 and then you can use the lense to enlarge or reduce the projected image. (I think the more expensive projector might even be able to use a larger image - not sure).

beachcakes Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 10:45pm
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Oh great. Now i NEED one of those too!! icon_wink.gif

Jenn123 Posted 1 Jul 2006 , 11:39pm
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I use my projector and airbrush all the time. It is definately a lifesaver and makes my cakes look very professional. You can do portraits, logos, cartoons, writing, etc. It takes some practice, but is worth the time and money.

All the drawings in my photos were done with the projector and airbrush.

Chef_Mommy Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 1:12am
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I have been asking my DH for one of these for a few months now and Thanks to you girls I can show him this post and make him see that I NEED this machine and that I am not the only person who wants one. I really want one now bad.


Bumps Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 1:27am
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I love my projector also..Have had it for a long time and use it alot...I like the kopykake airbrush as well. I am not good at taking it apart and putting it back together to clean it, but I have a great husband who does that for me. I soak the parts in efferdent tablets. They are denture cleaning tablets. They do a great job on cleaning the parts

Tricia0312 Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:21am
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I am amazed at how many neat tools there are out there! This sounds sooo much easier than tracing and then trying to draw the rest freehand (which I am NOT good at!)

Cakedeco - I cannot beleive that you found it for $145 - great shopping! I will keep my eye out for it on ebay icon_smile.gif!

3tiers Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:44am
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OK - here goes. I'm going to embarass myself in order to help those of you who are trying to convince yourselves or your husbands that the projector is worth the money. Here is a before and after look at my work. No need to tell you which is which. I have only been decorating cakes for about 2 years. The chocolate cake is one I did last summer before I purchased my projector. The white cake I did last week. I used the projector for the scroll background, the oval shape, the words and even the flourish underneath the writing. I'm telling you the truth when I say I am no artist, but my projector gives me the confidence to do almost anything! So, don't laugh too hard icon_smile.gif

Jenn123 Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:47am
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All I can say is...WOW! It certainly makes a difference. Great job. icon_smile.gif

kerririchards Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:54am
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Speaking of flourishes, I found a GREAT site to get patterns for scrolls, flourishes, monograms, etc. Go to www.modellodesigns.com All of these are the perfect size already for the kopykake projector. I just finished a cake that had one of the flourishes on it. You all will have to check the site out. You will love it!

deedee44 Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:55am
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I'm also new at decoraating. I've read all the post and I still don't know what the projector do.

Is it like an edible image?


Jenn123 Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:59am
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You use a picture on a sheet of paper. The image is reflected down onto your cake using light and mirrors. Then you trace it and color with icing or airbrush.

Doug Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 2:59am
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Originally Posted by deedee44

I'm also new at decoraating. I've read all the post and I still don't know what the projector do.

Is it like an edible image?


here's the manufacturer's site showing how it is used and the different models


kerririchards Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 3:01am
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Deedee44, go to www.kopykake.com/cd_projectors.html to check it out.

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