Poor Poor Teddy(Picture Of Finished Teddyii!)

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princessjellybean Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 8:50pm
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picturing a child covered in icing sugar icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

frstech Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 8:52pm
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I have never used the core in my bears or my trees, it just takes a little longer to bake but it makes it firmer and holds together better.

princessjellybean Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 8:58pm
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frstech: really?...no core?...i do find the core annoying...it baked through evenly?..maybe i should try that next time.

frstech Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:06pm
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yes, we do it all the time with our stand up trees and bears, you can see the trees in my pic that is a winter scene.

ChrisJ Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:16pm
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OMG, THIS THREAD REALLY MADE MY DAY! LOL . Poor Teddy...is there such a thing as a Teddy Funeral? And ge978 you crack me up! I can just see your child covered in PS. Don't feel bad though...my kitchen is black and white but when I bake, it's all white!

ge978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:17pm
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princessjellybean: I wish I could post a picture of him...he was a mess! He's 18 mos & whenever I make icing he's at the mixer with one of his plastic spoons trying to stick it in the icing. Good thing I don't bake at the house too often icon_lol.gif
ape: I'm not sure I can move on until I get it right icon_biggrin.gif I might be right back here posting a pick of Teddy's brother.

Okay guys ...wish me luck!! I'm going to try it without the core(thanks frstech) using a yellow mix. No, I haven't got the poundcake yet, but I figured I will just try the mix again. What's the worst that can happen? icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

ChrisJ: I won't admit this to my husband, but I'm kind of glad this happened...I really needed a good laugh..but shhh.gif

Again, if anyone wants to stop me from making a 2nd mistake you have about 6-7 minutes until I pour the mix in...of course it probably won't do any good because I'm like a bad little child who doesn't listen icon_surprised.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:23pm
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What's the worse that can happen? More CAKE BALLS!! I have an order for 45 for next week, hows bout sending teddy my way?

ge978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:27pm
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newtodecorating: after all that me and Teddy have been through - not a chance icon_biggrin.gif I however will tell you how to mess up a cake so bad that you end up with cakeballs thumbs_up.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:29pm
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You are too funny!

lng_1978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 9:57pm
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okay...i am dumb! what the heck is a cake ball?


JamesSweetie Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 10:07pm
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Ge: I should have posted what my kitchen looked like this morning, there was chocolate cake bits EVERYWHERE! Tell you what, I have another cake to make this week for my mom's birthday on Tuesday, I'll take a before and after shot and post it, just for you! icon_lol.gif

Pleeeeeease post what Teddy's brother looks like when he comes out, this thread has entertained me all day icon_biggrin.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 10:09pm
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dsoutherngirl Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 10:14pm
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Hmmm..I tried making cake balls and I made as big a mess as teddy there. icon_redface.gif

ge978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 10:28pm
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Jamessweetie: You are hilarious!! I will definitely post my pic of teddy when he comes out. I have to admit I've had more fun baking today than I have in awhile. You can only post a pic if its a disaster icon_lol.gif ...which it won't be of course..you do very beautiful work!

Okay, Teddy the Sequel has about 20 minutes left baking, then I'll let him cool for awhile and we will see how it goes thumbs_up.gif

Helendelk Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 10:40pm
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You know ge??.... I was looking thru your photos being the nosey ole thing I am... but you had some football cookies... Gave me an idea! icon_confused.gif you could make those cake balls into cake footballs... Holy brainstorm... then basketball season put orange coloring into whitealmond bark and make little basketballs... wonder if they would turn out??

ge978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 11:26pm
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Helendelk: That is a very creative idea...of course I'm not going to be the first to try it icon_lol.gif

Update on Teddy's brother....I didn't use the core & made it with a yellow DH mix & he looks ...dare I say.. like he may work! party.gif

I'll keep you posted on the progress.....stay tuned icon_biggrin.gif

NEWTODECORATING Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 11:47pm
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Have you all seen the new Swiss Colony?? There are some lady bugs in there that are too cute of course I am thinking these could be made out of CAKE BALLS! As I continued to look through there were basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, carrots,and easter eggs, my mind almost exploded thinking of all the cake ball creations I could make!!

ge- I am going out to dinner with DH for valentines day-yes that is right I said valentines day!! I will check on teddy's progress when I get back!

ge978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 11:48pm
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Heeeeeerrrrrs Teddy: Actually his brother icon_lol.gif

ge978 Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 11:50pm
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newtodecorating: Have a great dinner!! I'll be decorating TeddyII in a few hours. "Talk" to you when you get back

NEWTODECORATING Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 11:51pm
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YEAH!!!! His brother looks great! Is he for anything special or was he for practice? Because...I am thinking he would look very cute with a pile of cake balls around him!

frstech Posted 3 Mar 2006 , 11:56pm
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Looks great, I want to see the finished product later !!


Helendelk Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 12:11am
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WOOHOOO he is standing!!!! I agree with newtocakedecorating... he should have his brother's memory with cake balls around...lol!! I just put the 3d duck in the oven.. lol It'll be a miracle if he makes it! Can't wait to see the finished bear!!! We'll be waiting!!!

spottydog Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 12:19am
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Omg Everyone is TOO FUNNY!

ge978 Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 1:24am
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Teddy is actually for my nephew's birthday tomorrow. He absolutely had to have a panda bear icon_lol.gif Of course dummy me says " I've never tried a stand up one, I'll make him one of those". If I could keep my mouth shut, I wouldn't get myself into so much trouble.

Right now I have a 9' double round cake & Teddy going on top.Because of the "incident", I don't have as much time to decorate. Anyone got some quick & easy ideas for the bottom cake?

I am definitely posting a picture when he's done....you guys have kept me laughing through all of this. Usually I would be ready to give up by now, but this has been too much fun!!

Helendelk Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 1:50am
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make the round cake look like a tree stump... use brown icing and kind swirl it around like a tree then add some leaves or something... Seems like that would be quick enough... Panda's do like trees .. or sitting on a big rock..

ge978 Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:16am
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sorry it took so long to get back Helendelk: I've been working on TeddyII...he's actually coming out pretty good. However, I just ran out of powdered sugar & I can't find my leaf tip so I think I'll have to finish him tomorrow.
Thanks for the idea on the tree stump - hopefully I'll have enough time to ice the cake let alone decorate it icon_biggrin.gif
By the way, how's Ducky doing? I hope he came out for you.

Stay tuned: The saga continues tomorrow......

dsoutherngirl Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:29am
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hey..see..I told you it works without that danged old core. icon_lol.gif Teddy the sequel will be so much better than the first part. icon_biggrin.gif But Teddy 1's memory shall live on.

ge978 Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:31am
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dsoutherngirl...I was just heading off to clean the kitchen & caught your post. The bear came out beautifully without the core...thank you for the advice. I will never use that dang thing again!! One poor mutilated Teddy is enough icon_lol.gif

ge978 Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:33am
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dsoutherngirl...I was just heading off to clean the kitchen & caught your post. The bear came out beautifully without the core...thank you for the advice. I will never use that dang thing again!! One poor mutilated Teddy is enough icon_lol.gif

Helendelk Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:49am
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lol... the duck joined Mr Teddy 1 ..... DH sat there and saw me stick skewer into mr Duck and saw it came out clean then when I dumped him out of pan...lol one side looked good.. then dumped other side ........ icon_eek.gif ooooey gooooeyy lol so like real quick threw that half of pan back on quick and kind scooped him and all his inards back in and threw it back in oven.. took it out of oven again..looked good but fell in 3 pieces... so hmmm thats no good.. so I cut those pieces in 1/2 and kinda laid him back together and gonna just put half of him on a cake and just use a LOT of icing to survive him...lol I was just doing it for fun anyway.. I froze them along with a 9' round cake and will decorate sometime this weekend... Lord knows I need the practice.... I'm sure everyone has a disaster on their first 3-d pan... Im glad Mr Teddy2 is turning out! Can't wait to see him.........

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