Best Darn Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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AgentCakeBaker Posted 31 Mar 2005 , 7:12pm
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Hello Everyone

I recently tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe this week and it was darn good. Let me rephrase that! The cookie cake was superb! I made a cookie cake for some co-workers at my job. This was my first time ever making and tasting this recipe. I hadn't even tasted the recipe before I took it to my job.

The cookie cake was so delicious! All of my co-workers who tried it said it was great and some even said they liked it much better than Great American Cookie Co's cookies. What a compliment!

The cookie cake was very soft, chewy, and thicker than most of the cookie cakes I've made in the past. This will be my number one chocolate chip cookie recipe.

If anyone would like to try it you can visit Click on "Search". Next click "cookie". Then click "Chocolate Chip Cookie" and scroll down until you see a recipe called "Award Winning Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies" submitted by Debbi Borsick.

If anyone tries this recipe please let me know. I would like your opinion as well.

Happy Baking!

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cakelady1994 Posted 31 Mar 2005 , 7:36pm
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Love your new avatar! icon_smile.gif

AgentCakeBaker Posted 31 Mar 2005 , 8:02pm
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Thank you! Lisa found it for me.

sgirvan Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 5:42am
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Hey, I printed off the recipe and wanted to know how much of the batter did you use, what size of pan and the baking directions. I would like to try the recipe this week.

[email protected]

flayvurdfun Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 8:04am
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I know this is probably typical, but my fave choc chip cookie is nestles.. and I know people add things and they taste even better!
But I am up for suggestions! My husband says I dont let them cook long enough...I like them chewy, he doesnt.... icon_mad.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 8:26am
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thanks for the recipe!! I will have to try it~

flayvurdfun Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 2:02pm
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I bought some choc chips today just so I could try them.....

m0use Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 2:48pm
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I can't wait to try this! Thanks! icon_biggrin.gif

Lisa Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 4:01pm
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Found it and it sounds delicious...I've printed it out! Thanks ACB!

Mchelle Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 4:22pm
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Sounds like the kids are going to love you all this weekend. icon_biggrin.gif

AgentCakeBaker Posted 1 Apr 2005 , 5:46pm
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I customized the recipe at the bottom of the page for 36 servings. The original recipe called for 72 servings and I didn't need that much. I baked my cookie cake in a round cookie/pizza pan made by magic line. I can't remember the exact size. I'll have to check the size when I get home today.

I baked the cookie for about 10-12 minutes but it was thick and soft I didn't think it was done so I baked it for about 4 minutes more.

I would check it after 10 minutes b/c it depends on your oven. I've heard that some oven temperatures are different from others. How is this possible I don't know but I don't always bake exactly as the directions say.

sgirvan Posted 2 Apr 2005 , 5:54am
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Are you able to make this in regular cake pans?

jscakes Posted 2 Apr 2005 , 6:31am
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Ha-Ha, I'm not the only one to get choc. chips today to try this recipe. And the pudding...the only problem I have is getting off this web site to get the cookies made, everything has been out waiting for me to come in and mix them together!!!
So, bye all till I get at least part of the cookies made tonight. icon_smile.gif

jscakes Posted 2 Apr 2005 , 7:49am
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I'm back.....icon_smile.gif I made half a recipe of those cookies...ohhhh myyyy!!!! Will have to share this recipe with the family as we all love a good cookie recipe! I just made them regular cookies, but will use this for a cookie cake when needed.
AgentCakeBaker ~ Thanks for sharing the recipe!

AgentCakeBaker Posted 2 Apr 2005 , 5:13pm
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I'm glad you like it just as much as I did.

You can use a regular cake pan for this recipe. I've only made the recipe once but I have used a 9X13 sheet cake pan to make previous cookie cakes.

briansbaker Posted 2 Apr 2005 , 6:16pm
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That is the exact one I use for my cookie cakes. thumbs_up.gif I love It is amazing.. the cookie comes out looking like a cookie, tasting like a cookie, but in a cake like form. When I make it for fun, I have to hide it from hubby and all the boys who enter my home so it can cool off. If not they will eat it hot. It is the best recipe for Cookie Cakes. Briansbakerjr just informed me that she makes 2 batches for the pan we use 14x3. icon_razz.gif

AgentCakeBaker Posted 3 Apr 2005 , 4:45pm
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I'm going to make this recipe again today. Just the thought of the recipe has my mouth watering.

jscakes Posted 4 Apr 2005 , 1:48am
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They are really good cookies...I did have a problem though...I thought I bought Vanilla pudding, but it was banana flavored. Not too bad together actually! I'll be careful to grab the correct box next time!

AgentCakeBaker Posted 4 Apr 2005 , 1:50am
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Yeah I almost did that once but I caught myself at the very end.

jscakes Posted 4 Apr 2005 , 1:54am
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I feel so "Round" today...I've got cookies (a few anyway) here and my brother sent home with me a huge layer cake size pan of brownies, a whole cheesecake, and...a Oreo Cookie frozen cake.....ARGGHHHH!!! As we sat and talked about the weight we put on as we get older, of course I had to mention the cookie recipe I found...AND MADE!!! Well, these goodies are in the freezer now, out of sight...but I know they are in there!!!

AgentCakeBaker Posted 4 Apr 2005 , 2:17am
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I"ve been dying for something sweet today and I never got a chance to bake anything. All the desserts you mentioned has my mouth watering right now.

jscakes Posted 4 Apr 2005 , 4:51am
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my oh my, oh my...I think I've had an overdose of something!

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