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blittle6 Posted 22 Nov 2005 , 8:50pm
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Hi every1!!

Sarah Phillips from Baking911 has decided to post her highly rated Ultimate Butter Cake Recipe!!!


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Cakemaster26 Posted 22 Nov 2005 , 11:32pm
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Thanks for letting us know.

denise2434 Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 12:34am
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Congrats Berta!! I think that it is wonderful to have your variation recipes on the 911 site!! icon_biggrin.gif Your cake looks awesome!!! Can't wait to give them a try! thumbs_up.gif They all sound so yummy I don't know where to start!!

Big hugs, ~Denise

lotsoftots Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 12:45am
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Thank you! I have saved that site to my favorites!

aupekkle Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 12:45am
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Thanks for the heads up and congratulations on getting your variations up onto the site. I love that site too for recipes!

blittle6 Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 1:25am
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I just submitted an Egg Nog variation in it is DELICIOUS!! She will have it up soon. I can't speak for the other recipes there, but those are the recipes I use on my cakes and I get wonderful feedback on them. I would love to hear from you guys if you try them! Sarah is a wonderful lady and she is very helpful.


momlovestocook Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 1:50am
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Hi Berta

Just wondering if you only use 9 inch pans for this recipe or have you made it in a 9x13. Dd's birthday is coming up and I was thinking of using this recipe but she wants a "rectangle" cake and ONLY a "rectangle" cake-she's turning 6 and has definite ideas of what is okay and what isn't.


blittle6 Posted 23 Nov 2005 , 1:52am
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I have made it in 8x3 pans, cupcakes, and a rectangle pan....the Texas Tech Cake in my pictures is made with the butter cake recipe.


SquirrellyCakes Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 4:11am
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Well, I am an idiot, I somehow didn't get the part where you said she posted your variations to the recipes. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing those variations with everyone.

Hugs Squirrelly

blittle6 Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 10:18am
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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoys them! Let me know if you try them out!


ken Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 11:42am
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Thanks and I can't wait to try these recipes.

SUELA Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 12:19pm
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Did you say an eggnog variation?? YUMm I'll be trying that one out.

blittle6 Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 12:26pm
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It is Yummy!!!!!!

mary-ann Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 1:09pm
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Wow, they all sound delish. Can't wait to try them.

tripletmom Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 3:09pm
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That is wonderful! The strawberry and pistachio look soooo good! She even gave you your own questions thread!

You'll be so busy that you won't have any more time to bake! icon_biggrin.gif

blittle6 Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 4:32pm
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I hope everyone enjoys them! I don't know how many questions there will be but I'm ready...I think!! Ha Ha!!

I will email her today to get her to add this tip on the pistachio....Add in 1/2 - 1 Cup Chopped pistachio nuts into batter if you like....It is really good that way as well.


sofiasmami Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 4:41pm
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Yum!!! thanks for sharing icon_biggrin.gif

blittle6 Posted 24 Nov 2005 , 4:44pm
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U R Welcome!! Please post your results and opinions!


crouton800 Posted 1 Dec 2005 , 2:53am
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That's great Berta! Your variations sound yummy and I can't wait to try them out! icon_biggrin.gif

crouton800 Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 12:57pm
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Hi Berta,

I tried the Ultimate buttercake in the original version and your strawberry version. the cake was yummy and very moist. great for so many combinations! thank you for sharing!

can I ask you whether this buttercake is ok for tiered cakes? (whether it be for wedding cakes or tiered birthday cakes) Or is it too soft even with the boards and doweling?

if i need a 6" cake (end resullt being 3" high with thin buttercream filling- 3 layers) do you think half the receipe is sufficient?

Thanks so much! icon_biggrin.gif

blittle6 Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 1:31pm
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I am so glad you like the recipes!! They are really good cakes.

I think it will be fine for a tiered cake. I would freeze it first then thaw it before use. This will make it a bit more sturdy for you. I have used it in stacked cakes, and had no problems. They are also a bit firmer after a day...they are very tender when first baked thats why I freeze them before torting.

I thnk half the recipe will be fine for a 6 inch cake. When I use my 6x3 pans to bake this cake I get three pans worth of batter. If you wanted, you could make the entire recipe, bake it and freeze what you have left. It is still really good and fresh tasting when you thaw it.

Thank you for letting me know you made them and giving me your feedback! I love hearing about how things turn out for people!

Let me know if I can be of more help!


ellepal Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 2:07pm
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Berta...these recipes sound wonderful!!

Would you mind sharing the eggnog recipe with us a bit early?
I have a christmas party for this saturday and would LOVE to make this cake. I would like to work on it tonight, if it is at all possible.

Also, for the yellow many times would you have to multiply the recipe to get a 16 inch round cake in a 2 inch pan? Does the cake rise up fairly well?
(I love cooking from scratch and would love to try this!!)

Thanks so much! Ellen

ellepal Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 2:10pm
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oops...never mind about the egg's up on the site!

blittle6 Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 3:34pm
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Hi Ellen,

Let me say I love that eggnog cake and it makes great cake balls 2!!!

The recipes make 2 8x3 inch cakes for me. They rise pretty good....they are close to the top on those pans.

I think for a 16x2 pan I would make double. I have never made one that big though...You are gonna love it I am sure.

Let me know how it turns out!


alimonkey Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 3:44pm
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I've used this recipe and it's really really good, but it did not stand up to freezing very well. I'm glad I just served it to family, but it was a bit on the dry side when I served it. I guess you don't have any problems with it, Berta?

ashianadotkom Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 3:47pm
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Berta i made the ultimate butter cake in eggnog version and it was so good. Thank you for all the varations that you posted.


alimonkey Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 3:47pm
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Oh yeah, I baked this in 2 8x2" pans & 1 6x2" (for tasting icon_biggrin.gif )

Also, just consulted the handy-dandy cake matrix, which says you need 10 1/2 c batter for 2 9" layers and 30 c for 2 16" layers, so you'd need to triple the recipe, Ellen.

blittle6 Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 4:00pm
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AShiana...I am so glad you like it! I really enjoy it too.

Alimonkey....I have never had it be dry for me, and I freeze them everytime. They are always so good....hmmm I wonder if since I bake them in deeper pans that would make them moister since you have more cake and less crust. Idk I am always sure to freeze them because that has made them moister for me and makes them easier to torte. Does any1 else have any ideas?


cande Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 4:15pm
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I'm going to make your eggnog cake tomorrow, but now I'm a little confused, lol.

I'm confused about the freezing part. Is this right...
1) bake cake
2) freeze
3) thaw
4) torte / crumb coat
5) frost/decorate

or do I cut and torte while the cake is still frozen but allow to thaw completely before crumb coating, frosting and decorating?

Also, I will be using a cake ring instead of a cake pan, does that matter?

Thanks so much for your recipes! I can't wait to try them all!!!!

blittle6 Posted 15 Dec 2005 , 5:51pm
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I've never used a cake ring, but it shouldn't be a problem. I cut the cake while it is thawed but still cold.....and you have the steps right in your post! You weren't as confused as you thought!! Just be sure that your cakes are pretty cool when you pop them in the freezer. Try not to handle them too much while they are warm. The are a bit delicate then.

I'll be waiting for your results!!


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