Sketch to Cake: Joyce Marx's Bollywood-inspired Cake


Immense amounts of detail went into the Bollywood-inspired cakes in the May issue of Cake Central Magazine, and for many cakemakers, that means planning ahead is of the essence. Joyce Marx, one of the many talented decorators who contributed to our photo spread, shared with us her sketch and told us about her planning process.

“The moment I saw the inspiration pictures, the first thing that caught my attention was the golden beads around the head scarf! At once I knew that [would] be my cake topper. I normally start out my cake designs from top to bottom— as I understand, many others normally do it the other way round. I combined the top two tiers of the cakes so I could fit in both beautiful mehndi designs given, my second inspiration. Thereafter, I decided between the making of sugar white jasmine flowers (flowers commonly used for Indian weddings) or to add the white bangle design from the picture; the bangle prevailed. Lastly, [on] the bottom tier I’ve used a square cake to achieve a majestic look by creating the impression of lifting the whole cake up. A square cake looks more unique and stable [as well as] providing a perfect base for the remaining inspiration, the Sari fabric. Golden balls representing the beads from the headscarf were used to achieve a division between the round and the square cakes. Dividing the two layers allowed room for more creative piping work to be applied to the surface of the square. I decided to omit adding any sugar flowers and stick to the theme by focusing entirely on detailed piping work and colors. All piping work was done free handed.” — Joyce Marx



Joyce Marx runs JoyliciousCakes in Singapore, SG.

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I just admire those who do henna art be it on the human body or on cakes. Your work is true art!

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