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Sophia the First cookie cake topper

Detailed video tutorial below:




Thanks for watching! Marlyn

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That was beautiful! Thanks for sharing!  Was that royal icing you were piping?  How do you get your piping lines to pipe so straight?  Every time I try to pipe anything, whether it be melted chocolate, buttercream, or royal icing, it always pipes squigly or zig-zag like.  What am I doing wrong?  Your advise would be most appreciated.  Thank you.
the brand of piping tip makes a difference try the PME brand
Thanks for sharing!! I love it!! Great job!!
Such a wonderful job!  Your skills are amazing!  I hope to be this good one day!
thanks for sharing but where can find the cutters like this?
AMAZING!!! I envy the steadiness of you hand. :(
Wow! That was BEAUTIFUL!!!
could you please  share royal icing recipe too?
Bellísimo trabajo!!!!
could you share the recipe for the cookie? It is beautiful...
Well done you have done a brilliant job!
To pipe straight lines I advise you get a scribe tool, try this one -**********-scribers-cake-marking-tools - or a normal scribe tool. Use a clean ruler (30cm or 15cm depending on what you want to ice.) Hope this helps!
Where did you get your cutter?
I'm in awe of this!! This is fantastic
me encanto, que cosa mas bonita!!!!!! es un trabajo espectacular el cual veo que requiere mucha practica y tiempo!!!!! felicidades.....
Cake Central › Tutorials › Sophia The First Cookie Cake Topper