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lemon filling

This is a very simple recipe of filling for any cake for anyone wants to try it.It is very interesting because with the use of acid(here from fresh lemons) the texture of the condensed milk changes and turns thicker.


  • condencesed milk(as much as you want) fresh lemons juice


Just put condensed milk in a bowl and start mixing with an electric mixer.Add lemon juice while mixing and you will see the milk turns thicker.Continue adding juice until you reach the desired consistency.Try it and let me know what you think.

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Are you using sweetened or unsweetened condensed milk?
Sweetened.I think a filling its supposed to be sweet.
Thanks! I was thinking about making a lemon cake for an upcoming party but I didn't know how to make the filling. I can't wait to try this quick and easy recipe!
Can you use this same method on other fruits?
This is one the best cookies i ever had. i tried it last week and they are so awesome..... i woud really suggest you try this recipe. plzz check out the following link we well Lemon Tart
Cake Central › Recipes › lemon filling