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I used this recipe for flowers or any other decorating idea which needed a fast drying gumpaste. Batch can be doubled or tripled.



  • 1 Lb Powdered Sugar Fine -10X plastic bag 1 Packet Knox Gelatin 2 TBS of Lemon juice 3 TBS of Water 1 Tsp of Glucose


Add gelatin, water & juice over double boiler; dissolve about 5 to 7 minutes. Add glucose stir. Use a mixer with dough hook. Place sugar in mixer then add liquid mix until slightly together remove and knead. If it feels too sticky add a little more sugar. Wrap with plastic wrap and place in plastic bag, seal. Let rest over night.

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how many oz is one packet of knox gelatine? i don't use knox brand, so i need to know how much is in 1 packet of knox so i can substitute. thank you.
how long does this recipe last refrigerated?
I would also like to know how many ounces the Knox gelatin is, thanks
anyone know how to make pipeable gumpaste?
The packets I have, 32 to a box, are 1/4 ounce each. 32 packets totallying 8 oz for the whole box. They also come in 1 oz which has 4 packets... again 1/4 oz. (.25 oz) That is what I use to make pastillage... which is basically the recipe minus the glucose.
does this recipe work for high humidity weather conditions?
how many tablespoons in a packet of gelatin? thanks. =)
Can it still be made if you don't have a double boiler? Sorry, I'm still new at this and hope that's not a silly question. Thanks!
a double boiler is just a metal or heat proof bowl that fits snuggly over a suacepan (sort of like a lid) put some water in your suacpan, put the bowl on top and boil the water on stove top. double boiler. =) also interested as to how many T in a apck of gelatin?
okay HELP!! I am having trouble finding liquid glucose, is there any substitute or do you have a suggestion on where I can get it. I live in BC, around the vancouver area.
Micheals carrys liquid glucose
Liguid glucose is the same as light corn syrup (Karo syrup)
One packet of Knox Gelatin is a little over 1 Tablespoon
Bulk Barn also carries liquid glucose.
I'm just making this and I'm wondering if there's a typo in the ingredients. It calls for a 1 pound bag of powdered sugar. My powdered sugar comes in 2 lb. bags, so I measured out 1 pound. It doesn't seem anywhere near thick enough. I'm wondering if the recipe should say "2 pound bag" instead.
The do sell 1 pound of powdered sugar in a box. One pound is 4 cups.
Can someone verify that I can substitute Karo syrup for the glucose in this recipe? I'd really like to try it!
I use Karo light corn syrup in this recipe instead of glucose. I also use much more than 1 pound of powdered sugar. I just add the pound then continue to add to it until its close to the right consistency. It seems to get much stiffer and expands after you let it sit. I love this because it has simple ingredients as opposed to off the shelf gum paste.
On the bottle of Karo it says for ingredients "corn syrup and water" where on the ingredients of the tub of glucose it just says "corn syrup" and it is much thicker. So maybe add a little more karo, and cut back on the water????? I am going to try it out.
i tried this recipe today. ive never worked with gumpaste before but i thought i would give it a try because this recipe sounds gumpaste is really hard and stiff, im used to working quickly with fondant so its not that i let it dry out. but its really stiff and i think i may have done something wrong, even though i followed the directions. is there anything i can add to soften it up a bit. thanks alot
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