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Chocolate Fudge Icing

I found this recipe in a very old cookbook at my husbands great grandmothers house! I have been searching for a REAL FUDGE icing, and I think I found it!! Let me know what you guys think :D


  • 1/2 cup butter (one stick, I always use unsalted) 2 cups sugar 1- 5ounce can of PET milk (I think its the brand or something, not actually for your pets lol!! Found in the baking isle) 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips 12 large marshmallows 1 teaspoon vanilla


Combine butter, sugar, and pet milk in saucepan and bring to a boil over med-high heat. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring very very often. Remove from heat and add remaining ingredients. Beat until a spreading consistency. **You can add peanut butter to this and make a chocolate-peanut butter fudge icing yumm! I usually just get spoon fulls of it, so I don't have an exact measurement, I will work on that! Meant to be used as a filling and cake covering, I have never tried decorating or piping with it!

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hi, i would like to know what kind of sugar was used. i'm a bit confused with the amount of milk, is it 1/5 ounce or is it 1- 5 ounces of milk. i would really like to try this out. thank you
The can of milk is 5 ounces. Use one can. :)
The sugar should be granulated white sugar. The milk is one five ounce can of pet milk. Pet milk is evaporated milk. You can use any brand of evaporated or "table milk".
This is a family favorite and it works well for decorating, even piping chocolate roses and leaves.... Grandma Vanoff's Chocolate Frosting 1# confectioners sugar 7 T milk dash of salt 1 t vanilla Mix together. Meanwhile, melt 3 sq unsweetened chocolate and 3 T butter. Make sure chocolate is thoroughly melted and mixture is hot. Add to sugar mixture. Beat until thick. If you overbeat, it actually sets up like fudge. It can be thinned with a little milk if you overbeat. With a little practice, you will find exactly when to stop beating. It will smooth beautifully on a cake and then harden. If you want to smooth it with a spatula and hot water, it will dry to a nice finish. For borders or flowers, make sure it is firm. If you have a lot of piping to do, you may have to use multiple bags, and refrigerate them occasionally. The warmth of your hand will also soften the frosting. This recipe is perfect for frosting and filling an 8" layer cake or plenty for a 9X13". Hope you like was a favorite at Grandpa and Grandma's restaurant!
How much icing sugar per recipe?
Pamsemp I would like to try your recipe but I'm not sure how much icing sugar you need as it says 1#. Thanks :)
1# is 1 pound.
Sorry yall for the long wait on a response! Ok, The PET milk IS a brand name of evaporated, its what the ORIGINAL 80 year old recipe called for, and what I use as well, and I know it comes in a 5 ounce can. So, next to amount, yes, one, 5 ounce can. This recipe set VERY QUICKLY and is quite thick, so no need to dam! This stuff ain't going nowhere, LOL!!! I hope ya'll enjoy it! I love it as is, but the most common way this is ordered, is with the Nutella added! People go GAGA over it!
Oh, and this IS NOT meant for decorating. This recipe is REAL FUDGE icing, meaning once it is set, its texture is like a soft fudge!!! Very thick, and SUPER YUMMY! I can not tell you how many times I have had customers ask me where I found this recipe :D
Ok, one last thing, I just recently revised this recipe, giving more info on how much add'ins and better descriptions! Once its approved and posted, I will post the link!
I have been looking for a recipe like this for years. My husband's aunt used to make cakes with a fudge candy type icing and we loved it! I will be trying this recipe out for a birthday celebration on Monday. I would like to know approximately how much peanut butter you add and what step in the process it needs to be added (When boiling the sugar, butter, and milk or when beating the other ingredients together, etc.) Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!
You add in the "extras" after the fudge is completely mixed together.
I just made this and it is delicious...perfect for filling a cake, personally i wouldn't cover a cake with this. At first I thought the consistency was too watery but when it completely cooled (in the refrigerator with plastic wrap literally touching the fudge so no hard top) it came out a perfect consistency. Very good, thanks for sharing, and again not really for covering a cake but good for filling...i will be making this again!
I followed the recipe step by step and the consistency is still liquid like, not thickening up after long beating or over night in the fridge. Any suggestions?
loved it, filled a cake with it and with the left over i mixed with butter cream. WOW
sounds yummy... gonna give it a shot
This is the BEST fudge recipe...I use it all the time!!! I saw it first over on allrecipes site but just went looking for it again and couldn't find it. Glad a quick internet search led me here, I was starting to get worried! I have made it so much, I don't need a recipe anymore but glad to have one so that I don't forget it!! :)
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