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Awesome Armaretto custard filling

I made this and everybody thought it was awesome! I get lots of compliments and hubby will eat it like pudding.

Lemon or vanilla flavoring can be used too.


1 cup milk

2 TB plus 1 tsp. Cornstarch

3/4 cup White sugar granulated

1/2 cup Water

4 egg yolks beaten

1 tsp. Almond extract

1 tsp. Amaretto like Disarano liquor


DIRECTIONS Mix milk, cornstarch, sugar in a medium sauce pan Add water & beaten egg yolks gradually. Cook over medium heat till thick and bubbly.  Stir constantly. When it gets to the rapid boil(bubbly) cook for one minute longer. Remove from heat and add almond and .Amaretto  Stir using a wisk. Cover with plastic wrap touching the filling to prevent a film when cooling and let cool completely. I put mine in the fridge.

Comments (33)

What kind of cake would work best to fill this filling with?
This would be excellent with pistachio cake
Sounds good with a vanilla almost cake
Sounds good with a vanilla almond cake
I used it with WASC and it got rave reviews.
white sugar? do you mean as in powdered sugar?
OMG. Yes it's powered sugar!
Oops. NO it is granulated white sugar!!!
Sorry for the confusion. :/
oh my - made this for a tasting and both the bride and groom just loved. will be using it as a filling for on the tiers of the cake. could eat it all by itself. could see changing the flavor very easily. very yummy!!!!!
Sounds very tasty - wonder what celebration I can congure up to make this! Presidents Day...
gonna save this..thx
made this for the middle of a vanilla WASC cake for a wedding --- got nothing but RAVE reivews on it!!! Thanks!!
sounds lovely. is it stable enough to use with a sculpted a shopping bag cake? Do I need to use a dam of buttercream with it? Thanks!
I font know how stable it is for a sculpted creme . You will need a good thick BC dam for it. Hope you try it its yummy.
Lilsis. Yeah!!! :)
Cakegal24, So glad you tried it. I love it too. :)
Love it! Thank you for posting.
How long does it stay good in the refrigerator? Just wondering if it can be made days ahead or not? I'm excited to try it. Sounds amazing. : )
Yes, I've made it a few days ahead and it was fine.
Cake Central › Recipes › Awesome Armaretto custard filling