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  •  By Far My Favorite Cake I Have Ever Produced And It Was For Some Of My Best Friends It Is A 5 Tier Cake Inspired By Poison Ivy And The Ri  By far my favorite cake I have ever produced, and it was for some of my best friends! It is a 5 tier cake inspired by Poison Ivy and The...
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  •  Proto-Cakes
  •  Tame Birthday Cakes   Curse you SMBC for not coloring as nicely as I wanted =/ Live. Learn. Use Candy Color next time...
  •  'nerdy' Cakes  Heat wave in SoCal made this one super sloppy =(. My fondant was basically crumbling at any touch. Thought it came out fairly decent though...
  •  Really Simple Communion Cake Not In Love With The Simple Cross And The Quilting On The Bottom Tier Is Almost Non Existent Oo   Really simple Communion cake. Not in love with the simple cross, and the quilting on the bottom tier is almost non-existent o.O