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  • Choc Milk Dud Cakejpg
  • 4th of July This is a yellow cake with cream cheese icing, torted with a cream cheese filling, the stars are made from...
  • Cascade and Lillies This was my first attempt at a wedding cake, and I learned some lessons, just as with such a light...
  • Blue Flower Waterfall The flowers were made out of royal icing a few days in advance.
  • Transformers Buildings were made from Fondant
  • Top Hat This was done for a Grooms Cake as a "Groom Shower" for a co-worker, the base of the had is...
  • Choclate Triangles I was playing with working with choclate and made this for my husband's birthday
  • My Little Monster My girlfriend is expcting her 3rd boy, and her theme for her baby shower was "Little Monster" this creature was...
  • Red Yoshi Cake I cut the shape of Yoshi out of a sheet cake and put that ontop of another sheet cake to...
  • 9 legged Octopus My son's 9th birthday cake, the Octopus has 9 legs, and was made out of Cake
  • Shark Attack Cake For my son's 13th birthday he asked for a Shark Attack Victim cake... the sand is out of Dark and...
  • Guiness Cake The Icing was made with Guiness as well, it gave it a carmel flavor, very good
  • Grandfather's Birthday Cake This is just a simple birthdaycake for my grandfathers 79th birthday.
  • Gone Fishing My father-in-law loves to fish, this was his birthday cake for his 66th birthday.
  • Dolphins This cake was made for a friend who loves dolphins and buterflies, the Island just felt right
  • Choclate Swirls This is a White Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing
  • Cherry Blossom I was experimenting with Cherry Blossoms -  Top View
  • Cactaur Final Fantasy  - This was a German Choc. Cake, with the cocunut icing in the shape of Cactaur
  • Deer Hunter Camo Cake For my son's 12th Birthday he asked for a camo deer hunter cake with antlers.

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