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  • Bumba birthday cake Made this for Levi who turned one. With matching smash cake
  • Taart 490
  • Taart 495
  • Taart 503
  • Taart 505
  • Taart 507
  • Taart 509
  • Taart 513
  • Taart 516
  • Taart 517
  • Taart 519
  • Taart 534
  • Taart 559
  • Taart 546
  • Taart 547
  • Taart 551
  • Taart 556
  • Taart 562
  • Taart 563
  • Taart Milou
  • Taart 564
  • Ajax Taartjpg
  • onesie cake so cute!!My first onesiecake
  • Heineken bottlecap cake with matching cupcakes finally a great cake for a man!
  • Pip-style cupcakes Noor turned 6 and wanted pip-style cupcakes to treat to her friends at school
  • Hello kitty birthday cake Loved making this cute hello kitty cake.
  • Glee cake Made this cake for my oldest daughter.she turned 10 and wanted a glee cake. So much fun making this!!
  • Cute owl cake with smashing cake cute owl cake with smashing cake
  • Casino themed cake Made this for a lady turning 65. she loves going to the casino.The playingcards are real, the rest you can...
  • turtle cake made this cake to give away. Called him Sammy
  • perfect gift mini cake made this mini cake for my best friend. we went to visit her last week and this was perfect to...
  • Mini cake (4 persons) another small cake
  • Cute little cow cute little cow cake for 4 persons
  • pac man cake I was a '80 teenager!
  • Pip-style cake another pip-style cake. This time with a sun and happy colored butterflies and flowers
  • a cake on a cake Made this for a man turning 70.He loves colors, cake and fish, and everything should be on the cake.
  • Sweet 16 cake Made this cake for chermaine who turned 16 yesterday.Her aunt told me she loves pink, leopard prints and bows.Well..taht?s what...
  • mini cake and another one
  • Mini cake another mini cake
  • Coffee anyone? (mini cake) I'm a real coffee addict, so I had to made a cup of coffee. Love the mini cakes (4 persons)....
  • Lalaloopsy cake Made this lalaloopsy cake for my little niece who turning 5. I used real dolls and the original house the...
  • Small Pip-style give away cakes 2 small pip-style give away cakes
  • Small love you cake made this for a friend who wanted to surprise her hubby.
  • All-Star baby shoe cake I was inspired by the peacock cake from Royal Bakery.
  • Gardening cake Made this cake for someone that graduated from gardening school (is that the right term...have no idea).Like my page on...
  • My first belly cake My first belly cake. Had so much fun making this. Next time I want to try to create a real...
  • My first purse cake My first purse cake.Thought it would be a piece of cake, but boy did I have a hard time covering...
  • Pip studio first birthday and smash cake Yesterday I made this gorgeous pip studio cake for Quinty, who?s celebrating her first birthday. I the same style I...
  • 3 cakes, some accesories...lots of possibilities (part 5) Pink and blue ruffles and a sterling silver buddha.wow..I really love this combination.Thank you for stopping by. Would love to...
  • 3 cakes, some accesories...lots of possibilities (part 4) Stack the 2 ruffled cakes..and the chairs and you have something completely different.Would be a great baby cake. Use either...
  • 3 cakes, some accesories..lots of possibilities (part 3) ruffles and abstract black and white?.I think it goes great together.Add some chairs and high heels?a classy cake!
  • 3 Cakes, some accesories..lots of possibilities (part 2) How cute is this buddha cake?
  • 3 cakes, some accesories...lots of possibilities (part1) today I was in the mood for some experimenting. Yesterday I made the blue ruffled cake and today I made...
  • Vintage style ruffle cake My first ruffle cake!!! I think it worked out very well.For the ruffles I used the Garrett Frill cutters from...
  • Dog cake My first attempt creating a dog cake. Saw this one somewhere on the web and i had to try it.
  • Pip Studio Style birthday cake Made this cake as a surprise for a friends birthday.
  • Longboarding  birthday cake I had to search on google for this one. Never heard of it so it was a real challenge to...
  • Ferrari birthday cake Made this ferrari cake for my friends son turning 8. Everything was cut out of fondant by hand.
  • Pip Studio Style birthday cake Made this gorgeous flower cake for my mums birthday.
  • Owl cake I have something with owls. Made this cake as a gift. Used leaf-, heart- and flowerplungers and the owl is...
  • Owl tasting cake made this owl tasting cake for a customer.inside are 2 different flavours she wanted to try.
  • little petshop birthday cake I made this cake for a little girl turning 3. Used real petshop animals so she can keep something to...

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