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  •  Architect's Floor Plan Cake  I made this cake for the birthday of an architect who designs buildings in Germany. The top of the cake is a replica of one of his floor...
  •  Triple Chocolate Cake   Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate ganache drizzle. Now that's what I call a triple threat!
  •  Birch Bark Cake  I made this cake for Father's Day, for my dad who loves birch trees. The frosting is buttercream. The "peeling bark" is...
  •  High School Graduation Cake  3 tier graduation cake. Bottom tier is chocolate cake, middle tier is yellow cake, and top tier is also chocolate cake. Frosted with...
  •  Baby Birds!   Toasted coconut "nests", buttercream baby birds. Inspired by Martha Stewart.
  •  Elegant Birthday   Buttercream frosting and roses
  •  Happy Valentine's Day!
  •  Spring Flowers   Chocolate flowers and leaves
  •  Rose Cupcake   Buttercream rose, chocolate cupcake
  •  Snowman   Buttercream frosting, fondant accents