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  • My Own Birthday Cake  I made this cake for my own birthday last July :)
  • Girl Figurine
  • House Cake
  • Patchwork Cake
  • Sea Themed Cake
  • Mirror Cake
  • Gift Box Cake
  • Castler Cake
  • Monster High Cake
  • Restaurant Themed Cake
  • Mother's Day Cake
  • Angry Birds Cake
  • Gothic Girl Cake
  • Cupcake Love
  • Windsurfing Themed Topsy Turvy Cake
  • Mini Valentine's day Cake
  • Female Eros Valentine's Day Cake
  • Valentine's Day Cookies
  • Super Girl
  • Fashion Girl Cake
  • Angry Birds Cake
  • Engagement Cake
  • Nativity Scene Cake
  • Eskimo Girl Cake
  • River Cake
  • Engagement Cookies
  • Tiger and Lion Cupcakes
  • Christmas Cake I like christmas theme so much. Because it's so rich in terms of variety of things that you can make....
  • Christmas Cake with a Santa Girl :)
  • Img 1282jpg
  • Birthday cake with cow theme :)
  • House Cake This is my very first square cake and also house cake :) I made it for my sister's birthday.
  • Sponge Bob Squarepants Cake
  • Fashion Girl Cake Fashion Girl Cake
  • Nurse Cake
  • Cupcakes with farm animals
  • Halloween Cake
  • Birthday Cupcakes
  • Baby Shower Cake
  • Castle Cake
  • Day and night birthday cake There are two images on this cake to reflect 2 different version of the same person.
  • Wedding Cookies
  • Girl Figure
  • Farm Cake
  • Cookies
  • Birthday Cake
  • Minnie Mouse Cake
  • Engagement Party Cake
  • 2nd anniversary cake
  • Birthday Cake for Lovers
  • Lovers in Venice This cake is made for 2 lovers :) The figures are completely made of gum paste. And it's a little...
  • Birthday Cake and Cupcakes
  • Space Cake and Cookies This cake was for a kid who wants too be an astronaut.
  • Dinosaur
  • Farm Animals I made these figurines for fun. They will be sitting on cupcakes.
  • Rak? Table Rak? is a typical Turkish alcoholic drink which is associated with fish and a tabel full of cold mezzes (side...
  • Angry Birds As a fan of Angry Birds, I had so much fun making this cake. All the characters made me smile...
  • Sisha
  • First tooth
  • Owl Cake This cake was made in about 8-9 hours. Is quite short for me because I'm always obsessed with details which...
  • Mini Baby Shower Cookies
  • Cow Cupcakes I love cow figures so much (and cows in real) so these cupcakes are special for me. They were the...
  • Monster Pig Cookie I didn't mean to make it scary, but this is how it ended up :D
  • Bee Cookie
  • Baby Shower Cookies
  • Birthday Cake Birthday cake of a 98 years old priest:)
  • New York Skyline Cake
  • Wedding Cookies
  • Birthday Cookies
  • Fashion Cake
  • Cookies with a free concept
  • Mini Birthday Cookies
  • Bride Cake
  • Baby Shower Cookies
  • Birthday Cookies
  • Birthday Cake
  • Snowman Cake
  • The Number Pi
  • Birthday Cake for a Friend
  • Mini new year cookies
  • Mini Baby Shower Cookies
  • New Year Cookies
  • Hello Kitty Cookie
  • Lightning Mcqueen Cookies
  • Birthday Cookies
  • Hello Kitty Cake
  • Sponge Bob Cookies
  • American Theme Cake
  • New Year Cookies
  • Cow cookies
  • Cookies with the sea concept

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