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  •  Jfk Inspiration Challenge   Overall cake design inspired by Jackie's Dress and Bouquet
  • This Is Four Cakes Of Vanillabean With Mango Curd Filling Covered In White Chocolate With Coconut Ganache And Finished In Fondant The Volc... This is Four Cakes of VanillaBean with Mango Curd Filling, Covered in White Chocolate with Coconut Ganache and Finished in Fondant. The...
  •  Rockin' Modern Wedding  Latest Wedding cake, two completely different themes. Side one: modern wedding theme with double barrel center tier and Wafer...
  •  Swags And Bling Wedding   Swags and Bling Wedding
  •  Chinese New Year Parade   Chinese New Year Parade!
  •  Key Lime Mini Cakes With Rum Vanillabean Buttercream Covered In Dark Chocolate Ganache And Finished With Peppermint Falvored Fondant Pump  Key Lime Mini Cakes with Rum VanillaBean Buttercream, covered in Dark Chocolate Ganache and finished with Peppermint Falvored Fondant....
  •  Hello Kitty Strawberry Cake And Cupcakes With Oreo Cream Filling Dark Chocolate Ganache Fondant   Hello Kitty Strawberry Cake and Cupcakes with Oreo Cream Filling, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Fondant.
  •  Red Velvet Vanillabean Filling Dark Chocolate Ganache Fondant Royal Icing Dab Icing Lace   Red Velvet, VanillaBean Filling, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Fondant, royal Icing, DAB Icing Lace
  •  Cake Central Magazine August 2013   Cake Central Magazine August 2013!
  •  Come One! Come A   COME ONE! COME ALL!
  •  Shabby Chic Wedding  Four tier banana cake with pineapple buttercream filling and 100 mini VanillaBean cakes with banana buttercream filling all covered in dark...
  •  Teal Floral Vanillabean Cake With Mocha Swiss Merengue Filling Flowers And Ribbon Are Fondant   Teal Floral VanillaBean Cake with Mocha Swiss Merengue Filling. Flowers and Ribbon are fondant.
  •  Baseball By The Sea   Baseball by the Sea