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  • Bacon and eggs Chocolate and caramel "bacon" cake with white chocolate and vanilla "egg" cupcakes
  • Miles From Tomorrowland birthday cake Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, fondant/modeling chocolate covering.
  • Pluto cake for Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Rice cereal and modeling chocolate base.  White cake with vanilla buttercream.
  • Army of Darkness sugar cookies Secret Santa Gift.
  • Marshall University Football at the Boca Bowl, Big Green Scholarship Foundation's party at the Boca Resort. Vanilla Butter cake with vanilla buttercream, edible topper and decorations.
  • Batman, baseball & books themed baby shower White cake with vanilla buttercream.  Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Fondant/modeling chocolate decorations with wafer paper book covers.
  • Batman and Books themed baby shower White cake with vanilla buttercream.  Fondant/modeling chocolate decorations.
  • spaghetti and meatballs cake white chocolate raspberry cake with buttercream "noodles", chocolate cake pop "meatballs", seedless raspberry jelly "sauce" and grated white chocolate "cheese".
  • July 4th sugar cookies
  • White cake with SMBC White cake with strawberry filling, Swiss meringue buttercream / no fondant
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Sugar Cookies
  • Daisy Bouquet in a Mason Jar Sugar Cookies
  • Box of Chocolates "Buckeye" Cake 100% edible without fondant.  Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting and buckeye candy for an Ohio State redneck's birthday.
  • Gender Reveal / Baby Shower *Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and fondant
  • Wilton course  Wilton buttercream rose and shell border
  • Tiramisu Steelers Cake Vanilla cake with marscapone SMBC and espresso/coffee liquor syrup.  MMF and modeling chocolate decorations
  • GTO Race Car Cake White cake with "surprise inside" orange tiger stripe, and vanilla butter cream.  This cake is intended to look like a...
  • Gumpaste/sugarpaste Flower Cake I used my first batch of Michelle Foster's Fondant for this cake (and a couple of other cakes) and had...
  • 2nd Birthday Car Cake Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream  I am still struggling with getting my crispy treat forms perfectly smooth.  On the...
  • Facebook Birthday Cake Peanut butter cake with chocolate buttercream.  This was my first use of Michelle Foster's fondant and I was unable to...
  • Call of Duty  Strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream, chocolate marshmallow fondant, and chocolate decorations
  • Strawberry! Strawberry cake brushed with fresh strawberry glaze and topped with Swiss meringue buttercream and a white chocolate flower
  • Graduation cake Yellow cake with chocolate ganache, edible photos, modeling chocolate cheerleaders, royal icing tiara and wafer paper feathers.  Chocolate cupcakes with...
  • Kiss Band / Kiss Army Chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and MMF
  • Camo Cupcakes Chocolate cake with red velvet camo swirl center, chocolate and vanilla swirl buttercream
  • Salted Caramel Cupcake Caramel cake with caramel sauce, Swiss meringue buttercream and a chocolate-dipped salted caramel chew
  • Captain Morgan Captain Morgan Miniatures, butterscotch-vanilla jello shot "ice", fondant, and crispy treat form on chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
  • "eggs" Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, lemon curd, and white chocolate "shell"
  • Gnomes in Jars *Fondant and vanilla cookies on chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Zombie Gnomes *Fondant and vanilla cookies over a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Redneck Birthday *Fondant, marshmellow, and chocolate cereal over a chocolate fudge cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Chuck Norris Sleeps with a Pillow Under His Gun *Fondant and rice cereal on a caramel cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Blue Orchid Cake
  • rose bouquet
  • Poop cupcakes
  • xbox cake
  • strawberry plant Devil's food cake with vanilla butter cream decorated with gumpaste flowers and real strawberries.
  • wilton course 4 gumpaste flowers
  • wilton course 4 lilies
  • wilton course 4
  • Sons of Anarchy Double fudge with cream cheese filling.  Hand painted fondant.
  • Wilton Course 2 Classic yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, fondant/gumpaste and royal icing flowers.
  • Rootbeer Float Cupcakes Original recipe rootbeer float cupcakes with rootbeer and vanilla buttercream, cream cheese filling and handpainted fondant cherries.
  • Grandma's Farmhouse Double-fudge cake with vanilla buttercream and custom cinnamon gingerbread house with poured sugar windows and lighting.