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  • Immagine 192
  • Marshmallow & strawberry choccolate cake Something like one million callories , but soooo good... :)
  • Pink flower cake This is the same cake which i made for an birthday.It's only without some decorations which I made later.
  • Fresh fruit cake with  mascarpone cream and yellow cream
  • First communion cake
  • Birthday cake for Sabrina
  • Castle cake for Amy's 1st birthday
  • Ariel
  • Immagine 017
  • Mini cake
  • Mini cake
  • Mini cake
  • Mini cake
  • Mini cake
  • Mini cake
  • Black and white wedding cake This is an dummy cake .I made it for a Wedding fair at Udine Italy.
  • Cupcakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Birthday cake for Arianna  Birthday cake for Arianna.Arianna's mom has seen an cake picture at the italian magazine "Cake Design" and she wanted this...
  • Before Christmas  cakes Madeira white&brown cake and Crostata di albicocce
  • Marry Christmas with Madeira cake Madeira cake white and brown, so yummy...
  • Before Christmas cake / Crostata di albicocce
  • Mini cake
  • Birthday cake for Giulia
  • High heel cupcake
  • Cupcakes for Giulia's birthday
  • Cupcake High heels
  • Immagine 003
  • Immagine 010
  • Cameo small cake
  • Rapunzel birthday cake
  • Snowhite
  • Snowhite and 7 dwarfs
  • Baptism baby boy cake
  • Baby shower Another version of Gabriele's cake for Baptism.
  • Cake for Gabriele
  • Baptism Cake for Gabriele
  • Baby shower cookies
  • Cookies
  • Sweet cookies Here some  wedding cookies and for other celebrations.Recipe: white flour, vanilla icing sugar (caster sugar is ok too),125...
  • Vintage wedding cake
  • Baby girl shower cake
  • Sleeping baby...
  • Vintage Wedding cake
  • Cookie for Mum Cecilia
  • First Communion Cookies for Chiara
  • First Communion Cookies for Chiara
  • Valentina's 1st birthday castle cake
  • Baby baby
  • Sweet baby
  • Strawberry&chocolate cake Strawberry and chocolate cake: Base; Victoria sponge with choccolate, inside ;strawberry jam and chocholate ganache.Up;a little of ganache and fresh...
  • My First Mini Cake
  • Baptism  Baby Boy Cake
  • Teapot
  • Wedding cookies
  • Teapot cake for Adriana
  • Cherry blossom bonsay with 3 little Geysha
  • 18th Birthday Cherry blossom bonsai tree 18th Birthday Cherry blossom bonsai tree with 3 little Geysha
  • Cokkies 1st birthday
  • 1st.birthday cookies
  • Born on San Valentine's day
  • 1332150988.JPG
  • Baby shower
  • Baby shower
  • Lovely Cake Pops
  • Arianna's Butterfly Birthday cake
  • Jasmine's 16 birthday

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