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  • 2013 05 11 114752
  • 2013 03 10 142939
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  • black and silver
  • Angry Birds Cake chocolate sponge cake filled with morello cherries, white chocolate cheese cream and dulce leche buttercream covered with foindant
  • Star Wars Cake Thanks to nettiecakes for the inspiration!
  • Animal cake
  • Hello Kitty Cake
  • burgundy pleated cake inspired by Tess0617, chocolate cake with cream cheese and banana filling
  • Pink swirls and flowers cake
  • Blue teddy bear cake Vanilla and chocolate sponge cake, chocolate cream cheese and toffee cream with bananas filling, covered with homemade sugarpaste
  • Autumn leaves pina colada cake: coconut cake, coconut cream cheese filling with pineapple
  • Transformes cake vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry cream cheese filling, covered with sugarpaste
  • Wild roses mini cakes
  • The Cheshire Cat Almost rainbow cake with whithe chocolate ganache covered with sugar paste
  • Birthday cupcakes chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache decorated with sugar pearls and modeling chocolate
  • House Brawl Cake Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling covered with modeling chocolate
  • Hello Kitty Cake vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese filling, vanilla buttercream covered and decorated with sugar paste
  • Chocolate roses cake Chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, white cake with white chocolate ganache covered and decorated with modeling chocolate
  • wedding cupcakes almond cupcakes with caramel frosting decorated with sugar paste and silver sugar pearls
  • Strawberry Fraisier Chiffon cake, strawberies, pastry cream, marzipan
  • Stag cupcake decorated with sugar paste and sparkling sugar
  • Poppy and lilly cake small cake for my mum, vanilla sponge cake with caramel swiss meringue buttercream filling decorated with sugarpaste
  • Music cake Vanilla sponge cake with strawberry cream cheese filling, vanilla buttercream covered and decorated with sugarpaste, black royal icing and fresh...
  • Forget-Me-Not Cake Vanilla sponge cake filled with white chocolate ganache and dark chocolate ganache both layers separated with macarons that didn't turn...
  • Chocolate ganache cake vanilla sponge cake with ganache filling, decorated with chocolate
  • beach siesta cupcakes Vanilla + vanilla cream cupcakes, decorated with cane sugar and sugarpaste
  • Purple flower cake chiffon cake with white chocolate and dark chocolate filling, both fillings separated with a layer of macarons that didn't turn...
  • pastel colors cake chiffon cake with ganache filling covered with sugar paste

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