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LePastryDiva - Bobbie Noto

Bobbie is a cake, cookie, and cupcakes decorator with an unlimited sense of creativity and 18 years experience . Since 2005 Bobbie and her daughter, Sydney not only create countless party pastries and weddings cakes, as well as teach their knowledge to private classes. Bobbie's cakes, cookies, and cupcakes have artistic movement and flow to them. In addition to decorating cakes with beautiful bows, flowers, shoes and accessories made with fondant, sugar paste and moldering chocolate, she also creates Lambeth style cakes with a modern twist and royal icing string work.

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  • 4th of July Sugar Cookies Royal icing  fondant cover sugar cookie (to keep the cookie soft under the icing) with piped with royal icing using...
  • Royal Icing Pressure Piping Cameo Cookies The entire cookie is royal icing, the cameo is pressure piping!
  • Wedgwood Lambeth Style Inspired Cake One 7 1/2-inch tier covered with wedgwood coloured fondant and piped completely with royal icing using the Lambeth method.
  • Panoramic Sugar Eggs  3-D panoramic cast sugar eggs  intricately piped with royal icing, plus pressure piped bunny motifs, toothpick roses, blossoms, and lilac/wisteria
  • Lily Cake A delicate lily spray with love berries, orchids, and leaves on a 3 tier cake with a billow weave bottom...
  • Strawberry Swirl French Macarons Strawberry flavored French macarons filled with a light and airy strawberry créme fraîche filling!
  • Springtime Cherry Blossom Cake Replicate sweet cherry blossoms and matching hand-painting blossom techniques for a breathe-taking springtime cake!
  • Peek A Boo Bunny Easter Cookie Using basic piping skills to create an adorable bunny peeking out of a basket.
  • English Over-Piped Cookies Royal Icing Over -Piped Cookies with toothpick rose and leaves,Lambeth style inspired. All white on white.
  • European Over Piped String Work European Over Piped String Work
  • Peonyfun77
  • Valentines Fortune Cupcakes Valentine's fortune cupcakes!
  • Hand Painted Limoges Inspired Cookies Hand painted Limoges inspired cookies!
  • Gravity Defying Snowflake Cookie Magic Gravity defying snowflake cookie magic!
  • Happy New Year 2015 Cookie Happy New Year 2015 Cookie
  • Festive Christmas Poinsettias 1 Festive Christmas Poinsettias 1
  • Elevate Your Holiday Cakes With Australian Bridgeless Extensions Elevate Your Holiday Cakes with Australian Bridgeless Extensions!
  • Holiday Cakes With Australian Bridgeless Extensions Holiday Cakes with Australian Bridgeless Extensions
  • Adorable Christmas Cupcakes Adorable Christmas Cupcakes
  • Having Fun With Lambeth Method Of Cake Decorating Having Fun With Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating!
  • Christmas Cookies With Wet On Wet Piping Christmas Cookies with Wet on Wet Piping
  • Create Amazing Works Of Art With Royal Icing And A Piping Bag Being Able To Bend Sugar In Mid Air Over The Top Of The Cake Create amazing works of art with royal icing and a piping bag! Being able to bend sugar in mid-air over...
  • Festive Scenery Piped On A Sugar Cookie Festive Scenery Piped on a Sugar Cookie
  • Santa Claus Is Spreading Good Cheer Modeled On A Cupcake Santa Claus is spreading good cheer, modeled on a cupcake!
  • Beautiful Royal Icing And Royal Icing Filigree Trees For A Christmas Wonderland Cake Beautiful royal icing and royal icing filigree trees for a Christmas wonderland cake!
  • Elegant Italian Inspired Bas Relief Cookies Elegant Italian inspired bas relief cookies!

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