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  •  Birch Tree Engagement Cake   I had a lot of fun with this one. Each tier resembles a birch tree. A barn-themed engagement party might...
  •  Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
  •  Chips, Anyone?   Cake made to look like a bag of Wise Potato Chips. For a Wise Chip addict's birthday.
  •  Belle Birthday Cake   Belle from "Beauty and the Beast!" Dress made from my favorite vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.
  •  The Angry Birds Attack Mac!   This cake depicts the Angry Birds attacking Apple products! The sling shot, stuck in an iPod nano, landed them in...
  •  Star Wars/ R2D2 Cake   R2D2 cake complete with a moving head, blinking red light, and sound module installed with an R2D2 sound recording. The...
  •  Mac Book   Fondant mac book with charger
  •  Harry Potter : The Monster Book Of Monsters   I am a Harry Potter fanatic so this was by far my favorite cake to make. Stacked books are all...
  •  Betty Boop   Cake I made for my aunt's birthday. Betty's head and the heart is made of rice kirspies.
  •  Nikon D60 Camera Cake   Cake for a friend's birthday in the shape of a Nikon D60 camera.
  •  Domino Cake   Domino cake
  •  Poker Cake   Poker themed cake for my dad's birthday. My first custom fondant cake.
  •  Boston Bruins Birthday Cake   My first topsy turvy cake! I made it for my cousin's birthday.

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