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  • Grave Yard Halloween Cake
  • Word Search This was done as a going away cake for a few people who were leaving our office around the same...
  • First Birthday The mom gave me a copy of the invitation and asked me to do a cake that went with the...
  • Going Away This was done for a co-worker/friend's going away part.
  • Family This cake was done for a family get together.
  • Charity's Wedding Cake
  • Farm Cake My sister and I did this cake last time I was home.  We had a lot of fun with it.
  • Hannah Montana This cake was done for a co-workers daughter's 13th Birthday.
  • Hannah Montana Cake This cake was done based off another Hannah Montana Cake I did.
  • Mike's Car Cake My 12 year old son decorated this cake when I was at work one day.  I thought he did a...
  • Cindy and Kie's Wedding Cake I was not too happy with the way the white topper looked on the ivory cake but that is what...
  • Nick and Brittany's Wedding Cake
  • Maxine Retirement This cake was done for a ladies retirement party.  I was told that she loves Maxine and pink is her...
  • Dog Bowl This cake was done for my son's second birthday.  He loves puppies.  Thanks to the person that posted the idea....
  • Beach This cake was done for a wedding shower.
  • Birthday Cake
  • Course 3 Final
  • Fish This cake was donated and sold at a bake sale at a benefit for my cousin who was diagnosed with...
  • Soccer Field
  • Easter Cake
  • iPod This cake was done for a Radio Shack Christmas party.  The new pink iPod Nano was just released so we...
  • Circles and Stripes This cake was done as for a welcome party for a couple new workers in our office.
  • Tony and Beth Sheet Cake I did two sheet cakes like this to go with the wedding cake.
  • Tony and Beth's Wedding Cake
  • Course 2 final
  • Easter Cupcakes
  • Margarita This cake was done for a friend whose co-worker was retiring and said that once she retires she is going...
  • Baby Shower Quilt
  • Birthday Cake This cake was made for our secretary's 77th birthday.  She loved it!
  • Spider cake The spider is made with the Wilton mini ball pan.  The legs are licorice.
  • Ghost Cupcakes I made these cupcakes for the kids at daycare.  They loved them!
  • 1st Wedding Cake
  • D's Graduation Cake This cake was done for my friends college graduation.
  • 3-D Train This cake was done for my son's 1st Birthday.
  • Get Well Soon/ Happy Birthday This cake was done as a get well soon/happy birthday cake.  It was my neighbor's birthday and her daughter just...
  • Daisy's
  • Baby Einstein
  • Report Card This cake was done for my son's school.  They do a dinner for the teachers during conferences.

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